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Dear Reader,

Welcome to Global digital business news media. Our news-based journalism aims to cover the latest developments in Technology, Marketing, Business, & People (executives & entrepreneurs). 

News and media sites run on advertisements from Google. As of today, we don’t do that, although we do have a Google AdSense publisher license. We respect our competitors, but we only compete with ourselves.

We want to ensure you that as a business news reader, the time that you spend on our website, must be informative, transparent, and perspective-driven. So when you are here, we don’t allow foreign cookies to retarget you.

As you spend time pursuing the stories we bring to you as a digital business news media, you’ll realize how everything is crafted to give you a rich cerebral experience of the business world. We credit and link facts to sources. 

As you see, we do not ask for a donation to run this expensive enterprise. You ask, no ads, no donation; are you funded? Let there be transparency- So far, StartuptoEnterprise is bootstrapped.

As of now, we selectively open up to businesses to discuss sponsored features, but such fee is only compensation for the resource and technology we leverage to drive visibility for our published stories representing brands and businesses. We do not sell our journalism; our ethics is data, evidence-based reporting, & disclosure. 

StartuptoEnterprise as a digital business news media is open to discussing collaboration with PR agencies who would like to partner with us to present authentic brand stories and get their brands featured.

Startups and Enterprises may reach out to us for branding initiatives. We are keen on featuring social impact startups with a sustainable bottom line. We take pride in featuring emerging businesses solving global issues.

If you are interested in an internship with StartuptoEnterprise, please find out a problem that you consider a potential hindrance to our growth, and pitch to us a solution as a paid project. Albeit our limited budget, we honor our interns, freelancers, and associates, financially.

If you are a whistleblower, you can trust us with your information. We can ensure complete confidence to your data. Any information you provide, helps us verify and validate a story, a partnership, or any kind of association.

However, please note that we do run authenticity checks and do not guarantee any immediate action to the whistleblower. Please do not use this opportunity for communicating misinformation and no information will be honored if not backed up by verifiable evidence.

No whistleblowing obliges us to unpublish a story or take up a battle with the concerned person or business. We have our diplomacy and discretion to guide us through our judgment.

Hope this explains our business purpose and relevance to the creator economy. For pitches and business inquires, email us. Read updated Privacy Disclosure & Stakeholder Commitment.

Thank you,

Linda Ashok

Founding Editor


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