London-based Thymia Makes Mental Health Measurable

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London-based Thymia Makes Mental Health Measurable

Thymia, a pioneering mental health technology company, aims to solve the world’s mental health problem by making mental health as easy to measure and track as physical health. Over a billion people around the world have poor mental health, and a shocking 75% of them can’t get the help they need. Thymia seeks to bridge this gap by using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The current state of mental health care is poor because there are long wait times and not enough specialists. People with depression take more than 10 years on average to find the right care,  and fewer than 50% of cases are correctly diagnosed by general practitioners (GPs).

Thymia’s new way of doing things is meant to change this story. By using ethical AI models to look at speech, movement, and behavior, Thymia offers clinical-level insights into mental health and well-being. At the pre-clinical level, Thymia works with sources of mental health care to measure signs of burnout and other signs of mental health problems before they become serious.

Through a gamified approach, Thymia collects voice, video, and behavior data. Users can send a short 20-second voice recording, which is then anonymized and handled by Thymia’s own AI models. These models give marks for the top five signs of mental strain based on what they find. This knowledge can be used in a pre-clinical setting to find possible problems and give the right guidance and help.

At the clinical level, Thymia is making a tool to help clinicians, which is being tested with clinical partners right now. Their virtual clinic platform is meant to give doctors clinical-grade information about their patient’s mental health. It will help doctors spot major depression and generalized anxiety, and it will also give scores for core symptoms like fatigue, trouble sleeping, bad moods, and trouble focusing.

Thymia has just started an effort to raise funds from the public to help them continue their groundbreaking work. Thymia wants to reveal the secret world of mental health biomarkers with its cutting-edge AI technology. They want to do this by making depression, anxiety, and fatigue measurable. This project wants to change the lives of a lot of people by making mental health monitoring and care easy to get and accurate. Interested people can follow the link to crowdfunding to become a stakeholder in its growth.

As Thymia breaks new ground in the area of mental health technology, its possible effects on the mental health of people around the world can’t be overstated. Thymia wants to give people, healthcare providers, and therapists the tools they need to change the landscape of mental health and make sure everyone gets the help they need by using AI-driven insights.

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