WeDoSolar Solar Energy Startup Starts NetZero with your Balcony

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WeDoSolar Solar Energy Startup Starts NetZero with your BalconyWhen energy prices are through the roof and not slowing down anytime because of Russia’s obvious and devastating invasion of Ukraine, the haze over our energy dependence is getting clearer. Acting on this vital ask for humanity are green startups with forward-thinking ideas and products that help us offset the collateral damages of living.

Among widespread methods of green energy production are Biogas, Biomass, Geothermal Energy, Low-Impact Hydroelectric, Nuclear Power, and Solar. We see a Berlin-based green tech solar panel manufacturer making great strides in the solar space. Founded on Sep 1, 2021, WeDoSolar GmbH is a smart balcony solar system that saves up to 25% on electricity bills and reduces up to 600kg of CO2. 

WeDoSolar GmbH is on a mission to make solar energy available to everyone to achieve the goal of climate neutrality. In accordance with the United Nations’ climate goals, WeDoSolar’s solar panels provide universal access to inexpensive, dependable, sustainable, and modern electricity. Often, people in rented places would not be able to contribute to the NetZero goals, but WeDoSolar has circumvented it. 

With their innovative green solar energy production, everyone can participate in the climate neutrality action if they have a balcony. Those with smaller balconies do not need to fasten the solar modules in a row. Comprising eight parts of 90cm x 55cm each, these modules can be aligned in different ways, such as two on the front and one each on the balcony’s left and right. The modules are also mountable.

Regardless of the weather, the WeDoSolar system generates power. Direct sunlight and indirect light are both employed. 80 percent of the solar system’s power is available during gloomy days compared to sunny days. The solar modules are of high quality and durability, and with careful installation, the service life is about 15 years.

For homeowners still unsure of the effectiveness of these solar panels and who would like to try them for free, the company offers a 100% free rental balcony solar set with the GHG Quota. To avail of free solar panels, e-car owners need to submit their vehicle registration document. The company secures the funding for these free installations through big car fuel companies.

The founders of WeDoSolar solar energy startup Karolina Attspodina and Qian Qin, met at 1.5 Degrees Ventures, which offers to fund young entrepreneurs foraying into businesses in the carbon reduction space through innovative products and services. They then chose not to try something new altogether but work on improving the current state of solar solutions in the market.

According to Crunchbase, there is no information on funding so far. According to Karolina, with energy prices shooting through the roof, the time for renewables is now, and she is happy with her team contributing to alleviating the climate crisis. She believes that Germany still does not have enough capacity to implement green energy solutions at the required pace, so every individual contribution makes the transition easier.

With cities and human settlements being inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, and healthy life for all people of all ages and promoting their well-being, this fledgling green tech startup, WeDoSolar solar energy startup, with its zealous founders, seems to be committed to replenishing the earth of its depleting greenery. 

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