Google Bard and Chat GPT 4 Critique Each Other

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Google Bard and Chat GPT 4 For a long time, Google Bard and Chat GPT 4 have held very diplomatic stances when it came to commenting on each other’s strengths and weaknesses. But today, with Gemini announced for release by Google, the attempt was to see if at least Bard has acquired a bit of sentience or does it still remain diplomatic.

It seems the Generative AI war is in the offing and as humans we can watch the fight get better day by day. So, when we approached Google Bard for listing 5 drawbacks of Chat GPT, it didn’t give the standard disclaimer saying “I am a large language model and I am not trained to process your request.” Rather, this time, Google Bard promptly listed 5 drawbacks of Chat GPT. 

Google Bard: 5 Drawbacks of ChatGPT

1. Limited control over generated content

ChatGPT is based on training with large amounts of text data from the internet. This means that it can be influenced by biases and misinformation present in that data. As a result, users have limited control over the content that ChatGPT generates and may not be able to ensure that it is accurate, unbiased, or appropriate.

2. Spreading misinformation

ChatGPT’s ability to generate human-quality text can be used to spread misinformation and propaganda. Because ChatGPT can create text that is factually incorrect but sounds plausible, it can be difficult to detect and debunk false information generated by this tool.

3. Lack of emotional intelligence

ChatGPT does not have the ability to understand or respond to emotions. This can make it difficult for ChatGPT to have meaningful conversations and build relationships with users. Additionally, ChatGPT’s lack of emotional intelligence can lead to it generating text that is insensitive or offensive.

4. Privacy and security concerns

ChatGPT requires access to a large amount of personal data in order to train and function. This raises privacy and security concerns, as it is possible for this data to be misused or leaked. Additionally, ChatGPT itself could be used to hack into systems or steal sensitive information.

5. Dependence on technology

ChatGPT relies on a complex technological infrastructure in order to function. This means that it is vulnerable to technical outages and disruptions. Additionally, users may become overly reliant on ChatGPT and lose the ability to think critically and solve problems on their own.

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Now why should Bard have all the fun? When ChatGPT 4 was approached to list 5 drawbacks of Bard, the response was equally impressive. 

ChatGPT 4: 5 Drawbacks of Google Bard

1. Accuracy of Information

AI models can sometimes generate responses based on outdated, incorrect, or biased data. Since these models learn from a vast array of sources, including those which might not be reliable, there’s a risk of perpetuating inaccuracies or misconceptions.

2. Lack of Context Understanding

Despite their advanced algorithms, AI language models might struggle to fully grasp context, especially in complex or nuanced conversations. This can lead to responses that are technically correct but contextually inappropriate or irrelevant.

3. Limited Creativity and Originality

While AI can generate creative content, its creativity is fundamentally derivative, based on patterns it has learned from existing data. It may not match the innovative thinking and originality that humans can bring to problem-solving or artistic endeavors.

4. Potential for Misuse

There’s a risk that such technology can be used for generating misleading information, deepfakes, or for other malicious purposes. This raises ethical concerns about the control and application of AI technology.

5. Dependency and Reduced Human Skill

Over-reliance on AI for information and problem-solving could lead to a decline in critical thinking and research skills among users. People might become too dependent on AI for quick answers, neglecting to develop or maintain these essential skills.

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It seems that Google Bard likes naming ChatGPT a lot, which is something Chat doesn’t. While Google Bard names ChatGPT to call out its drawbacks, ChatGPT 4 likes to call it AI. GPT is less accusatory and seems to be confident and mature, which is strange because Bard says GPT “lacks emotional intelligence.” However if there’s anything outstanding with Google Bard and Chat GPT 4 is their concern for humans becoming too reliant, losing critical thinking, and a decline in problem solving skills. What do you think about this intellectual fight between Google Bard and Chat GPT 4 ? Are we too cruel to get them to fight? Smiles.

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