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Parsbem Consultants Accelerates Legal Startup Legum Technica
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Parsbem Consultants Accelerates Legal Startup Legum Technica

Pune-based Parsbem Consultants accelerates UP-based legal tech startup Legum Technica on a mission to make legal conversational! The legal startup has announced that Parsbem Consultants has already accelerated 63+ startups from India. India is a multi-lingual country with a majority still living unaware of their rights for legal protection in dire situations. Legal language is also difficult for people from non-legal communities. Here, Legum Technica plans to make the law accessible to the masses by leveraging conversational AI. Legum Technica will soon roll out VAQIL.AI, the app curated for the general public, legal professionals, and corporates to promote legal empowerment and awareness while bridging the gap between legal literacy, access, and technology. The VAQIL.AI app i...
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