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If your enterprise is profitable and has a substantial social impact, you can expect us to go beyond our clauses in surprising ways to add to the impact you are invested in. Summarily, you do the work and allow us to tell your story!

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Paid Self-Service Content Partnership: Features*

  1. As a member, you’ll be able to share any news about your company authored by yourself or your in-house marketing professional.
  2. We accept i. Management Promotion, ii) New Product/Service Line Updates, iii) Acquisitions, iv) Mergers, v) Funding, and vi) Strategic Partnerships as news.
  3. Posts will appear in the Member News category visible to everyone.
  4. Reach Worldwide Audience: United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, and India.
  5. Audience Interest Affinity: Investors, Serial Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, Enterprise Executives, and general business and technology news consumers.
  6. Site Traffic: Lowest 1k+ daily. Highest 3.5k+
  7. Site Authority: DA 50+
  8. Social Share: Yes. Check Followers/Engagement Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Telegram,
  9. News Distribution: Google News Publisher section here.
  10. Additional: 2 No-Follow backlinks. Permanent posting.
  11. Payment: Check the Membership Billing for details.
  12. Post Approval: Based on Industry Merit & Relevance. Businesses must be 6+ months into operation with adequate media transparency. Requested backlinks are subjected to approval.
  13. Exclusions: Editorial Support. Do-Follow Backlinks. No Editing after an article is LIVE.
  14. Process: i) Read the Membership offer. ii) Follow Request to Payment Link via Membership Billing Option. iii) Receive Payment Link. iv) Make payment in 24 hours. v) Submit News (Follow Content Best Practices) vi). vi) Get published. vii) We Share, You Share!

Paid Self-Service Content Partnership: Billing*

With StartuptoEnterprise Membership, you choose if you would like to pay-
  • per article basis
  • monthly, or
  • annually

Per article: $30 + (Paypal Fees)

Up to 4 articles a month: $110 + (Paypal Fees)

Up to 48 articles a month: $1120 + (Paypal Fees)

Please mention your company website & country of operation for a suitable payment link. We’ll either use PayPal or GPay.

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Please Advise on Acceptable Content Style Guide*

We ask that your news submission adheres to the following guidelines-

  1. Original: We don’t approve of plagiarism. If we see that submitted news has already appeared elsewhere, we will reject your submission. No refund will be issued. So please consider this.
  2. Use SEO Content Writing Assistant to benefit the maximum from your published content.
  3. Please use One image file 650 * 300 not exceeding 40KB. Please ensure images are copyright free, high quality, and visually compelling!

How Soon Will the News Be Live?

With StartuptoEnterprise Membership, we recommend you start the initiative 7 days beforehand for strategic advantage. Consider requesting over the weekends, i.e., avoid Saturdays and Sundays.

Alternative: Paid Editorial Partnership or Brand Post

Too much to worry? Do not worry! We will take care of everything under our Editorial Feature opportunity. Check sample Editorial Feature.

Key Attributes

  1. Fee: $120 per feature+ Paypal fees
  2. Payable: Via Paypal/Google Pay
  3. Covers: Market & Product/Service Research
  4. Style: Show Don’t Tell
  5. Word Limit: 650-800 words
  6. Traffic: US, UK, Europe, India
  7. Additional: Up to 2 Do-Follow backlinks
  8. Post Permanence: Forever
  9. Disclosure: Brand Post
  10. Process:
    i) Read the Membership offer
    ii) Click to Email Payment Link
    iii) Receive Payment Link
    iv) Make payment in 24 hours
    v) Submit Standard PR/news update for editorial reference
    vi) Publish Article in 7 days
    vii) We Share, You Share!

Alternative: Just Want a Backlink/Mention?

So, would you like a simple backlink to boost your site authority? Or, a contextual mention of your service? Well, we got you covered.

Key Attributes

  1. Do-Follow: $25 per backlink
  2. No-Follow: $15 per backlink
  3. Mention: $30 (up to 30 characters)
  4. Payable: Via Paypal (+Paypal fees) / Google Pay
  5. Industry Covered: Space-tech, Health-tech, Climate-tech, Ed-tech, Mar-Tech, Industry 4.0
  6. Business Age: Minimum 6 Months operational with SSL enable website + social media presence
  7. Traffic: US, UK, Europe, India
  8. Link Permanence: Forever
  9. Process:
    i) Read the Membership offer
    ii) Email here
    iii) Receive Payment Link
    iv) Make payment in 24 hours
    v) Submit article/news link for audit + approval
    vi) Be Notified
    vii) We Share, You Share!

Fun fact: As an emerging media enterprise, the established ones in the business news media space have us under observation. It means if you avail of our partnership, you are likely to land a bigger proposal from one of these media giants ahead of us. You become another lead for them to propose you a partnership adding greater visibility to your enterprise. Clever, right? 

Please Note

  1. Once published, there is no editing or retraction. 
  2. We reserve editorial rights. Our decision on what to publish is final and non-negotiable.
  3. As a news media, all businesses are equal before us as long as they are within the coverage area of our journalism.
  4. Our editors and writers may have personal opinions, but those do not influence our editorial partnerships.
  5. No payment guarantees publication or securing backlinks or any service we offer if we find anything unfair. We are here to do business for sure, but not to compromise on publishing ethics. Therefore, we will refund and not proceed.

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