Submit Guest Post: Startups, Enterprises, and Tech Intelligence welcomes guest contributions across startups, enterprises, and tech intelligence. You can submit a guest post now! If you were looking for an authoritative platform, you have arrived. 

Over the last 8 months, we have received numerous emails requesting the opportunity to write for us at 

Our site is growing, and now is a good time for us to extend the opportunity to guest post on our site to expert professionals. 

What do we mean by ‘Expert Professionals?’ covers news from startups to enterprises. This attracts readers who are startup founders, enterprise executives, or an audience interested in exploring technology and business concerning startup impact and enterprise growth. 

Now, if your thought leadership can add-

  • value to their curiosities or resolve a situation for them,
  • inform them of a new trend in tech or
  • management growth, 

-then you are an expert, and we are keen to publish you.

Our readers are from European countries, China, the US, and India (in that order). What you write must be of relevance to this target audience primarily. You have a fair chance if you are a seasoned professional, a verifiable startup founder from our key geographies, or a mid-career or senior enterprise executive. We do not accept PR executives to write for us. We emphasize you must have an old, verifiable, and active Linkedin or Twitter account. For Sponsored Content, visit the link.

Guest Post Category

We are currently interested in “Know How” submissions. As a thought leader, show us your expertise and help founders or would-be entrepreneurs-

  • how can they move the needle

  • change their perspective, their beliefs

  • show them where they can improve

  • how can they get more clients

  • how they can better their organizational approach to a crisis

  • how can they up their sustainability quotient

  • tell them what is breaking in the world &

  • how to achieve that status quo for new world definition

  • write about health tech, space tech, food tech, mar tech AI/ML/AR/VR/XR; write like an expert in your industry.

Submission Guidelines

Our ask is standard. We do not deviate from rules or accept any deviation. For us to accept your submission, you must follow the below instructions to craft a compelling article for our Know How category open to expert guest contributors with deep subject knowledge.

  1. Article: 700 words

  2. Title: 50-60 Characters (includes the key phrase)

  3. Article Summary Length 150 Characters (includes the key phrase)

  4. Introduction: 50 words (includes the key phrase)

  5. Paragraphs: 6 Paragraphs of 100 words each (includes the key phrase in 6 of them) OR 12 Paragraphs of 50 words each (includes the key phrase in 6 of them). Relaxable by 4=/- words

  6. Subheadings: Paragraphs must have subheadings

  7. Conclusion: 50 words (includes key phrase)

  8. Quality: Paragraphs must be substantial; mustn’t contain fluff

  9. Sentence Structure: Write in active voice, in the present tense, and with no long and winding sentences.


  11. For links, after finishing each paragraph, add “Source:<Link>”

  12. Articles should be non-promotional. No affiliate links.


  • Please note that every guest contributor, to qualify for an author profile, must be ready to commit a minimum of 12 articles over the next 6 or 12 months.

  • Create a Gravatar account with a clean bio and professional mugshot. Include the email used in the submission.

  • Approved guest contributors must promote their work across their social media with brief summaries encouraging readers to read at length by visiting

  • Finally, expert professionals or guest contributors who would like to submit a guest post must evaluate the opportunity of getting published on indexed on Google News. This offers authors a Google News profile to add credibility to their industry authority across massive geographies.

  • Once published, there is no editing or retraction.

  • We reserve editorial rights. Our decision on what to publish is final and non-negotiable.

  • Please consider it a pass if we haven’t responded in 7 business days!

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