About Us: Public Disclosure & Stakeholder Commitment

  1. StartuptoEnterprise.com is a global digital news and media publisher featuring people, business, technology, & marketing across startups to enterprises.
  2. StartuptoEnterprise.com publishes news-based articles that question and/or inform, and/or appreciate. As writers, we consume subscribed content from over 150+ media publications and 6+ news release agencies.
  3. StartuptoEnterprise.com is region agnostic; we believe in niche storytelling because news is inter-geographical. Businesses today do not operate in silos.

The Founding-Editor & Publisher of StartuptoEnterprise is Linda Ashok. As of 25.1.2022, we have two freelance contributors writing/editing one article a day on startups and enterprises and their direct and indirect beneficiaries.

About us: Publishing Ethos

Linda Ashok, the Founding-Editor & Publisher of StartuptoEnterprise, believes that information is a catalyst to a solution, not a solution in itself. StartuptoEnterprise endeavors to research, study, and author news with a spine. We don’t succumb to hate or threat. You may read an article on how Facebook violates data privacy policy like a spoilt brat, and you may also read about Facebook’s fund for startups recognizing myriad small business founders. That’s where we are. We take sides of conscience.

In brief, we solve the need to question and walk our readers through their sense of questioning. The process is very cerebral. We don’t publish frivolous content as we are a few people at the desk.

About Us: Generic Financial Disclosure

  1. As of 25.1.2022, StartuptoEnterprise.com is a to-be-registered private limited company not bound by law to provide any financial disclosure, but we choose to because we believe in transparency.
  2. StartuptoEnterprise.com has a cost for domain renewal, web-hosting, research and development, visibility optimization, and technology & media subscriptions, to name a few.
  3. Full-time writers and interns are compensated commensurate with their skills and expertise. With subscriptions to 150+ paid media and 6+ news release agencies, StartuptoEnterprise.com is financially supported by the Founding-Editor through her digital marketing consultancy.
  4. StartuptoEnterprise.com has made no marketing investment as of 31.05.21. The editor and writers manage basic social media marketing.
  5. StartuptoEnterprise.com earns through Paid Press Release, Featured Article, Sponsored Content for Business, and other paid content marketing services based on the sole discretion of the editor-in-chief and publisher.

StartuptoEnterprise: How to Associate?

There are many ways to support us, work with us or associate with us as whistleblowers, readers, contributors, colleagues, investors, or general wellwishers.

    1. Become a Contributor
    2. Become an Advisor
    3. Sponsor Brand Story
    4. News Media Partnership
    5. Submit Press Release

For sponsored content and partnership, visit: Sponsored Content: Brand Post, Backlinks, Feature Editorial

Our Promise: Stakeholder Commitment

  1. StartuptoEnterprise.com hereby identifies readers, writers, investors, and business partners as our stakeholders*.
  2. We promise that we’ll never backtrack on our administrative commitments unless we explicitly publish them and communicate them across our social media channels: LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook.
  3. We promise our readers that we’ll never unpublish an article for potential backlash or tamper data once published.
  4. We promise to add disclosure in the event of minor editorial changes in punctuation, spelling, or grammar.
  5. We commit to our news communities that we’ll credit all first-hand news sources as and when a credit is due. We don’t use second-hand news sources. For generic references, we add a backlink for credibility checks.
  6. We commit to photographers and bloggers to credit them if we use images exclusive to their publication. We don’t, in general, use exclusive artwork if not to draw reference to the creator.

Other Arrangements

We commit bylines to our writers and guest contributors unless otherwise mentioned in the agreement.

Unless requested by the Indian Judiciary, we’ll-

i) never reveal data

ii) disclose any proprietary information,

iii) identify whistleblowers or informants.

We’ll keep adding to this list of promises to learn more ways to empower our stakeholders*. 

We consent you use the Wayback Machine to hold us accountable in the event of disregarding any of the above-made promises.

Please note that everything about us is about your rich taste in tech & business journalism. The above promises are subjected to change/modification/omission only in the event of the publisher’s demise or future management takeover.

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