How to Harness Human-Centric Automation in 2022 & Beyond!

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How to Leverage Human-Centric Automation in 2022 & Beyond!

The most successful marketers focus on building a marketing strategy that maximizes their results in the long run but also gets results fast. In the era of fast-paced digital marketing, it can be challenging. On a tactical level, the short-term focus is often on the latest marketing craze or things like trying to find trending sounds on TikTok. But I advise against only thinking about short-term results but also building a solid marketing foundation for your startup. Don’t worry; you can do both when you plan it smart. Human-centric automation is one of the most important marketing trends every startup should consider. 

What is Human-Centric Automation?

Human-centric automation means combining technology and automation with a human touch. This happens in a way that automation is used to make people’s lives easier and even more meaningful. Marketing teams are happier while also delivering better outcomes for the customers. This can be achieved when automation is seen as an extension of what we already want to do. Marketing is all about understanding humans, so you can never really automate all of your marketing. Human-centric automation trends can be understood the best when divided into human-centric marketing and marketing technology trends. Think people first, then add technology. 

What is Value-Based Marketing? 

Consumers are buying from companies that share their values, and even on the B2B side, companies are demanding with whom they do business. Values-based marketing is deeply ingrained in human-to-human marketing, where you treat your customers as people first and customers second. 

What is Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion?

Conscious customers also want to see diversity, equity, and inclusion and prefer buying from companies that show diversity. According to studies, diversity and inclusion strategies also drive the company’s revenue, and 93% of marketers believe inclusive marketing is important for the business potential it represents. They are also an important aspect of employer branding. 

What is Employer Branding?

When you get your first big investment round, company culture and employer branding are something money can’t buy. You must consider your company culture and employer branding through how you measure up when attracting new talent. Your small group of friends might work well together now, but how easy is it for someone new to join? Remember, your customers will want to see diversity. 

What is Privacy-First Marketing?

People want more transparency from brands, but they want their privacy back. Don’t worry – your customers want personalization, so they know they have to provide you with data to get it. Even if you are starting, start collecting first-party data from your customers as soon as possible. 

What is the Role of Blockchain in Marketing?

Blockchain technology can be a great example of a human-centric marketing trend. Blockchain offers one solution for added customer privacy, and simultaneously this technology will also improve how brands can be more authentic, transparent, and respect customers’ data. 

What is the Role of Metaverse in Marketing?

Some say the metaverse is a virtual world accessible by things like VR goggles. One explanation is that the metaverse is a new way for people to connect in blended virtual and augmented reality environments. While the metaverse is not something most startups need to think about today, it’s something you need to keep on your radar. All of the largest companies in the world are paying attention, and so should you. 

What is Web3 Marketing?

Web3 is the next generation of the internet, and it will disrupt the way people will buy. Marketers need to know the basics of web3, cryptocurrencies, metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications and be ready to create strategies to fit the web3 landscape. 

How to Select Human-Centric Automation Tools?

Now you know what human-centric marketing is and what are the future channels and technologies you need to think about when choosing your automation tools. Think about scaling your care by bringing customer service bots or automated email sequences. Imagine making content faster and scaling marketing content production already now. And keep your eye out for what opportunities web3 will bring your startup; this space is moving forward at a lightning-fast speed. 

This post is an overview of Human-centric Automation and Other Trends You Need to Know for an Impactful Marketing Strategy. For the 2023 ebook, download it here.

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