The New PatientSphere 2.0 for Cardiology by Open Health Network

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Open Health Network

Patients with chronic cardiac diseases now have better access to care thanks to the launch of PatientSphere 2.0 for Cardiology by Open Health Network (OHN). Given that a patient with a chronic condition has less time, energy, and mobility to drive or travel to the doctor, with PatientSphere 2.0, various tools and resources are available to caregivers, including tests, questionnaires, evaluation tools, and treatment programs. A patient’s assistant will have their calendar auto-update serving reminders for new tasks.

From a technology point-of-view, PatientSphere 2.0 system is powered by AI and Big Data, offering a fully integrated healthcare framework with templates, surveys, and evaluation tools that are easy to use and supported in all major languages. Advanced features in all apps and chatbots are made possible through personalization, gamification, and recommendation algorithms. The system also leverages Blockchain technology to safely and precisely convey data, and several permission levels are available to keep sensitive information private and HIPPA-compliant system.

PatientSphere 2.0 for Cardiology integrates the earlier technology in use; PatientSphere and Constant Care. The framework includes supporting data, clinical and prevention applications. The system is easily configurable to support common and rare diseases like cancer, gastrointestinal disease and diabetes, asthma, and sickle cell disease.

By inviting everyone associated with a patient’s care to participate, an administrator gives everyone instant, simultaneous access–including fully integrated data from sources such as wearable devices, sensors and smartphones; web browsers and apps; patient-reported data; claims data; EMRs/EHRs; and health care systems–to each other. This data is used to construct AI algorithms that create smart, customized, and adaptable health treatments for each individual.

PatientSphere 2.0 helps Dr. Kimberly Lin, MD, a cardiologist treating cardiomyopathy, design various treatment strategies in less time. This system’s versatility and ability to meet individual demands sets it apart. Instead of clinic visits, individualized counsel is provided for quick patient feedback. It helps Dr. Lin’s team implement routine care and monitor outcomes in real-time.

Numerous leading hospitals, health care facilities and research centers worldwide have thoroughly tested, deployed and credentialed PatientSphere 2.0 for various subspecialties. These include Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai Hospital, the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and others.

According to OHN Founder and CEO Tatyana Kanzaveli, the PatientSphere 2.0 for Cardiology provides real-time integration of every component of chronic care management from medicine to exercise, nutrition, sleep and educational resources. OHN considers this to be an unmatched offering in the market.

Mountain View, California, United States-based Open Health Network is an AI-powered healthcare framework for chronic disease management. Founded in 2013, Open Health Network or OHN operates under the legal name Open Cancer Network Inc. The healthcare startup has raised a seed fund of $350K from three investors, including Quake Capital venture firm, Barry Zuckerman, and NY-based StartUp Health Micro VC.

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