The Kolibri Games’ BLN Capital Startup Investment Portfolio

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The Kolibri Games' BLN Capital Startup Investment Portfolio

After a million-dollar exit from Ubisoft, the founders of Kolibri Games, Daniel Stammler, Janosch Kühn and Oliver Löffler, are investing in new startups through their private equity wing BLN Capital. Founded in Karlsruhe in 2016, Kolibri Games emerged as a successful gaming company (Idle Miner Tycoon and Co.) without any external investments. They finally sold the company in 2020 for more than €100M to gaming giant Ubisoft. At present, they have formed the BLN Capital startup investment portfolio.

BLN Capital is an early-stage investor investing in startups with great teams and product vision with the ability to transform their vision into disruptive business models and thus approach old and new markets in a new way. Here are the 14 startups that are a part of the BLN Capital startup investment portfolio.

The Kolibri Games' BLN Capital Startup Investment Portfolio


Berlin-based food startup ChefCoco founded by Shaminder Dhillon and Hemant Kumar offers delicious meals tuned to your taste and lifestyle for an affordable price. By cooking up a plan for you at the start of the week, ChefCoco’s weekly subscription food delivery service helps remove the indecision that often leaves the spinach wilting at the bottom of the fridge, the fish ‘fermenting,’ or the yogurt turning stringy and slimy. The Berlin food investor FoodLabs, formerly known as Atlantic Food Labs, has already invested in ChefCoco and various Berlin angel investors besides the new investment from BLN Capital.


Berlin-based diet app startup Fastic, founded by Sebastian Wettcke and Philipp Wayman, offers fasting as a solution to great health through their health-tech app. The app helps combat overconsumption through intermittent fasting to the masses in an easily digestible, digitized way helping users reconnect to their body’s natural needs. Fastic’s selling point is its holistic approach to health, combining fasting with education, mindfulness, exercise and nutrition. Before BLN Capital, Fastic received angel investment from Robin Behlau, Benjamin Bak, Jan Beckers, Lawrence Leuschner, and Rolf Schromgens.

Fruitcore Robotics

The Konstanz-based tech startup fruitcore robotics, founded by Jens Riegger, Tim Schmiedl, Tobias Kuentzle, Manuel Frey and Patrick Zimmermann, has developed the HORST robotics system (Highly Optimized Robotic Systems Technology) to make industrial automation possible without programming. HORST robotic system leverages intelligent software and innovative mechatronics. Fruitcore Robotics has entered Series A funding from btov Partners, CNB Capital, and UVC Partners, with current investment from  BLN Capital.

Heat It by Kamedi GmbH

Karlsruhe, Baden-Wurttemberg-based medtech startup Heat It by Kamedi GmbH was founded by Lukas Liedtke, Armin Meyer, Christof Reuter and Stefan Hotz. Kamedi, which won the KfW Entrepreneurs’ Award for the state of Baden-Württemberg, is a small device that provides concentrated heat to the parts bitten by mosquitoes or wasps for immediate relief. Heat It by Kamedi GmbH had two funding rounds. In Pre-Seed, they received funding from Hoepfner Brau, and in Seed Round, they received funding from BLN Capital and Friedrich Georg Hoepfner.

Heritage Type Co.

Berlin, Germany-based DesignTech startup Heritage Type Co. or Kittl was founded by Tobias SaulNicolas Heymann, and Phil Rukin. Heritage Type Co. is the most intuitive and easy-to-use design platform. It’s a global community where members inspire each other and let their creativity run free. Heritage Type Co has got a Seed Round. They received funding from Speedinvest, Joyance Partners, Bjorn Kolbmuller, Shio Capital, Paul Schwarzenholz, Expedite Ventures, Karl Christian Vogel and BLN Capital.

Unbound Nation

Zug, Switzerland-based-based gaming startup Unbound Nation was founded by Philipp Huebner and Steven Figura. Unbound Nation is a decentralized GameFi ecosystem and community that connects users, game producers, and NFT investors. Unbound Nation disrupts boundaries for a fair virtual world of NFT lending in the blockchain gaming industry. Founded in 2021, Unbound Nation has received Seed funding from Peter Mitchell, Lito Coen, Greenfield One, Jasper De Gooijer, Daedalus Angel Syndicate, BlackPool, Ivailo Jordanov, Cristian Manea, and BLN Capital.

Industrial Technology and Witchcraft

Berlin, Germany-based gaming startup Industrial Technology and Witchcraft was founded by Thilo Tom Hardt. Industrial Technology and Witchcraft make games in voxels and pixels with amazing soundtracks. Founded in 2021, On Mar 30, 2022, Industrial Technology and Witchcraft has received Seed funding of €1.7M.


Berlin, Germany-based IT startup Jodel was founded by Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer. Users can find, follow, and participate in the most relevant conversations with others in their area using the Jodel platform. Jodel has built strong local communities in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Switzerland, and Saudi Arabia and continues to expand worldwide. Founded in 2014, On Apr 21, 2017, Jodel received Series A funding of €6M from Floodgate, RubyLight, Kima Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Atlantic Labs, and Adam D’Angelo.


Berlin, Germany-based EdTech startup Junto was founded by Johannes Schnell and Marius Hepp. Junto is an EdTech company that offers live digital training for companies. Junto’s mission is to unlock the world’s most relevant business knowledge practices limited to a small group of leading tech professionals and their successful organizations. Founded in 2022, On May 16, 2022, Junto received €6M in debt financing backed by Christian Reber, Gregor Muller, Felix Ohswald, Mario Götze, Céline Flores Willers, Stephen Weich, and Diana zur Löwen.


Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany-based digital platform in the gaming industry LootBoy was founded by Arash Vatanparast. LootBoy offers virtual coins for games. LootBoy has grown to be a powerful influencer on the market as it promotes products and brands from over 250 partners to a young, loyal target group every day entertainingly and playfully: with weekly AAA comics, live streams, and always fresh content via social media and events.

Meine Erde

Richardstraße, Berlin, Germany-based Meine Erde was founded by Max Huesch, and Peblo Metz. Meine Erde is developing the technology of reeddigung and is currently the only provider in Europe for this new burial method. Reeddigungen is a German word meaning “shipping.” Meine Erde is developing technology for transferring nutrients back to earth without harming the environment. Meine Erde’s new, sustainable, and ecologically justifiable form of burial is an environmental conscious solution to 76 percent of post-death rights by fire that harms the environment.

Power US

Berlin, Berlin, Germany-based EdTech startup PowerUs was founded by Konrad Geiger and Julian Lindinger-Pesendorfer. PowerUs is a digital career platform for technical blue-collar workers to empower them in their careers and help them find better jobs. PowerUs offers recruitment services to candidates in electronics, plant mechanics, and refrigeration technology, enabling enterprises to employ blue-collar workers to enhance their careers. Founded in 2019, On May 31, 2022, PowerUs has received Seed funding of $10M from General Catalyst, Carsten Thoma, HV Capital, Mario Götze, Mathis Buchi, Philipp Pausder, and Y Combinator.


Berlin, Germany-based IT startup Tellonym was founded by Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer. Tellonym is a messaging app designed to engage with relevant people without facing social anxiety. Tellonym provides complete control over a user’s public profile and restricts the distribution of messages to only the intended recipients, allowing users and parents to control the level of protection afforded to their children.

The Football Club

Am Münchfeld Munich, Germany-based fantasy football platform The Football Club was founded by Ante Kristo and Josip Kristo. The Football Club facilitates buying, selling, and trading of officially licensed digital football collectibles, enabling users to buy, sell and play with official digital tokens and collectibles. Founded in 2020, The Football Club is backed by former professional football players Niko Kovac and Robert Kovac.

The BLN Capital startup investment portfolio also got Blair (USA), Coherence (Denmark), Trailblazer Games (Singapore), TrueMyth Games (Cyprus), as well as NFT projects such as Bored Apes Yacht ClubCyberkongzWorld of Women and Bears Deluxe. The young entrepreneurs also support venture capitalists such as Apollo Health Ventures, Elevat3, Fabric Ventures, Greenfield One, Project A Ventures, Visionaries Club and VSquared Ventures.

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