In the Indian Startup Scene, these 10 Startups Play it Slow & Steady

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The Indian startup scene has witnessed tremendous growth in the last several years, accounting for 38 unicorns (companies valued at more than $1 billion) already. According to the Economic Survey 2020-21, the government has acknowledged 41,061 startups as of December 23, 2020. The government has taken several steps to help startups, including startup advocacy, standardization of regulations, offering income tax exemptions, and establishing a fund of Rs 10,000 crore by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (Sidbi).

India offers many opportunities to test novel concepts at affordable prices due to low labor expenses and high skill levels. Here is our shortlist of the top ten startups across industries mobilizing global businesses in ways we hope they’ll be among the most sought-after firms in the coming years. They may not have the funding to purchase visibility in the IPLs, but we are confident of the investment they continue to make to enrich our current Indian startup scene.

Yellow Messenger

Founded by Jaya Kishore, Raghu Kumar, and Rashid Khan, Yellow messenger was established in 2016 in Bengaluru. With the country’s biggest intelligent virtual assistant developer for B2B clients, this company has proven to be one of India’s top startups. They empower their clients in creating virtual assistants using chatbots, which automates the customer care procedure. They also provide a range of support services.


Founded in 2010 and developed by Shrini Vishwanath, Upstox is a Delhi-based startup that falls under the financial services category. Upstox is one of India’s most rapidly expanding traders. It makes trading a lot simpler. It is a robust platform that was created to make trading easy for Indian investors. The app has also simplified the process of opening a Demat account with a digital transaction.


Developed and created in 2000 by Rohit Arora, Uable is another Bengaluru-based edtech startup that enables new-age learning. It is a digital platform for developing life skills. It concentrates on youngsters aged 6 to 14 years old and assists them in realizing their full potential. The programmes are tailored to the specified activities, and different domains and future competencies are created in the youngster in preparation for those professions.


Torchit is a Gujrat-based ISO-certified social tech startup founded in 2016 by Vinay Banawat and Hunny Bhagchandani. Torchit’s mission is to utilize simple, effective, and cheap assistive technologies to encourage differently-abled people worldwide to live more independently, meaningful, and engaged lives. It aims to build a sustainable ecosystem that promotes inclusive progress for people with disabilities.


Co-Founded by Pushkaraj Kale and Rangarajan Vasudevan in 2014, TheDataTeam is an internet solutions startup established in Delhi. It is a data firm that is powered by artificial intelligence. They assist businesses in obtaining the correct data quickly and efficiently. They operate by minimizing human error and allowing organizations to be more agile using artificial intelligence. In the Indian startup scene, they provide a cognitive customer experience across the customer’s lifecycle.

Glow Road

Glow Road, a startup based out of Bengaluru, was founded in 2017 by Dr. Sonal Verma, Kunal Sinha, Shekhar Sahu, and Nitesh Pant. In the Indian startup scene, Glow Road is the country’s biggest reseller network, with over 6 lakh resellers in over 2000 locations connected. Wholesale vendors may sell items to resellers, who then resell them at retail prices using this social e-commerce software. Customers have network access to shops where they can quickly look and pay for wholesale items.

IncNut Digital

In Hyderabad and Bengaluru, IncNut Digital was founded in 2011 by Sangram Simha, Veerendra Shivhare, and Chaitanya Nallan. It is a pioneering media and e-commerce company dedicated to empowering women in today’s world. They also provide services in wellness, parenting, cuisine, weddings, and interior design. StyleCraze, The Bridal Box, MomJunction, SkinKraft, and Vedix are just a few of this startup’s very successful projects.


InterviewBit was created in 2015 by Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena. Interviewbit, based in Pune, was founded to assist coders in better preparing for interviews. They compile all of the frequently asked questions to better prepare their consumers for large tech companies in the past. They create personalized 6-month programmes, provide interview coverage, and assist their consumers in getting referred.


In 2015, Tarun Sharma launched mCaffine, a personal care business based in Mumbai. mCaffine is the first caffeinated personal care brand in India.  They utilize caffeine to add flavor and vigor to skincare and hair care products. Shampoos, shower gel, shampoos, face masks, and body gels are among their offerings. They’ve received several honors, including the Nykaa beauty awards and the PETA India certification.


In the Indian startup scene, PickYourTrail is a top-rated trip planner in India. It allows individuals to plan, personalize, and book vacations online. PickYourTrail’s website allows users to select their preferred airline seats, where they wish to stay, reserve their favorite restaurant, and even save a space for a scuba diving session, all while maintaining total control over their budget and schedule. They collaborate with major tourist destinations like Australia, Singapore, Iceland, Japan, etc.

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