HubSpot’s World Certification Week 2021 is Unlike 2020

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As a marketer, you might not use HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS). Still, you surely know the CRM or the customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps companies scale their entire marketing initiative. On July 13, 2021, the No.1 enterprise CRM platform announced its World Certification Week from August 2 to August 6, 2021. 2021 is the second year for HubSpot to organize World Certification Day after its launch in 2020.

HubSpot’s World Certification Day has grown into a week-long global, virtual event for global professionals participating in a week-long certification marathon from HubSpot Academy. As a marketing enterprise, HubSpot strategically incorporates charity into this certification program. HubSpot offers to donate $5 (up to $35,000) to Teach For All’s Global Girls’ Education Fellowship. Donations secured from Australia and New Zealand will go to  GO Foundation. In 2020, HubSpot donated $20,000 to UNICEF

HubSpot’s World Certification Week is an opportunity for global learners to invest in their careers and, by design, support quality education worldwide. While the program is mainly open to anyone interested in professional certifications, it is also an opportunity for existing HubSpot customers and marketing, sales, service, website management, and revenue operations professionals to refresh their skills.

HubSpot World Certification Week covers a wide range of certifications focusing on digital marketing and SEO skill development. Given the enterprise’s reach and influence, a HubSpot certification may determine substantial career benefits for students or those just starting in the industry. In fact, professionals may add the valued certification to their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and professional portfolios for every certification completed.

HubSpot's World Certification Week 2021 is Unlike 2020
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“Now, more than ever, individuals around the world are re-evaluating what they want from their careers. The first step is dedicating time to leveling up, and this is exactly what World Certification Week is all about,” said Matthew Howells-Barby, VP of marketing at HubSpot. “You’ll be joining thousands of global learners investing in themselves and cheering each other on while having the added benefit of supporting a great charity. What could be better?”

The 2021 HubSpot World Certification Week levels up opportunities for participants to attend live events in the two weeks leading up to the program week. Learners can directly interact with HubSpot Academy Professors to get ready for their certifications, acquaint themselves with global trends dominating the digital economy, build stronger resumes and network for professional growth. Within its community, the CRM enterprise will also build study groups for peer-to-peer learning and networking. On social media, #WorldCertificationWeek is in the forecast.

“Teach For All is so grateful to HubSpot for their partnership and shared commitment to education, equity, and a global approach through their World Certification Week,” said Wendy Kopp, CEO of Teach For All. “Their support of our Global Girls’ Education Fellowship will allow us to support the efforts of more local leaders across our global network to foster girls’ education and leadership in partnership with the schools and communities where they work.”

If you are already interested, you may skip reading any further and head over to HubSpot Academy to choose from certifications relevant to your core job. The program combines courses and videos that will require participants to finish each certification between August 2 and August 6, including recertifications and others. On successful completion of each certification, participants help HubSpot donate $5 toward quality, equitable education to all. To learn more about World Certification Week and to register for the event, head to If you care for free certifications, visit this link to sign up.

HubSpot CRM platform supports businesses with customer relationship management tools and resources. This package SaaS enterprise helps companies impact their marketing, sales, service, operations, and website management initiatives. The platform is free to start with and rapidly scaleable to accommodate businesses of any stature. Today, HubSpot caters to 114,000 businesses across 120 countries that attract, engage, and delight customers with HubSpot’s easy-to-integrate customer management tools. 

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