Replicant.Fashion Experiments Virtual Clothing in Innovative Ways

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Replicant.Fashion Virtual Clothing

An NFT fashion brand, Replicant.Fashion virtual clothing, got cost-effective ways for fashion designers & influencers to explore fashion! We knew that fashion designers decide the trend for fashion lovers. But now, fashion designers borrow the latest technology trends to deliver on the evolving demands of the fashion industry technologies that simultaneously impact the creator economy and the green tech economy.

Replicant.Fashion is a Russian virtual clothing startup. You can also call Replicant.Fashion a digital fashion technology startup or an NFT clothing marketplace. E-commerce brought fashion and technology together already, but now fashion enterprises like Replicant.Fashion has leveled up considerably by satisfying art, global NetZero goals, and the creator economy.

Launched in 2020, Replicant.Fashion sells high-end digital couture. Digital couture, if it sounds foreign to you, is virtual clothing. The process is pretty simple. You visit the website, select your piece, click to buy, and then upload your photo. In no time, your bespoke digital garment is ready. For maximum experience, your influencer shot must be from a great locality for a powerful rendering.

The first collection for Replicant.Fashion was designed by the founder of this digital fashion startup, Regina Turbina. She named her brand, Ophelica, the first digital garment sold in Russia and the first digital collection for Puma. Regina’s design collection incorporates butterflies and flowers in classic fabrics with unusual metallic textures with attention to digital detail.

According to the founder of Replicant.Fashion, there is no consumption of physical or natural resources. Digital fashion being the future, digital-only fashion helps bridge traditional fashion to futuristic designs. In the production of a digital fashion collection, there is no financial loss due to overproduction.   

When big brands destroy their production to maintain the brand aura, the virtual clothing market is a great relief. Besides brands, fashion lovers purchase clothes just for a couple of Instagram posts or a few odd occasions that are later forever buried in the wardrobe. Let’s not forget the opaque supply chain wherein exploitation of human labor continues to be a major challenge.

Digital clothes or digital garments are constructed based on real templates and using professional 3D applications for tailors. So, in case a fashion lover falls in love with a virtual rendering of a dress, can get it physically stitched. The virtual clothing market helps brands and designers present their new works digitally, collect pre-orders, and produce limited series.

So far, anyone can purchase a virtual dress on Replicant.Fashion for standard currency. However, now Replicant.Fashion has come up with its NFT platform, where one can purchase using cryptocurrency. NFT platforms ensure that fashion lovers stay on the trend and purchase via non-fungible tokens (NFT) for unique possession of a limited edition garment.

Replicant.Fashion has an exciting future in the Augmented Reality (AR) digital fashion market and the Metaverse. With a balanced focus on innovation and sustainability, Replicant is championing the emergence of fashion technology that defies the real world in convincing ways. For experimental fashion designers bootstrapping to launch their collection, the NFT clothing market is cost-effective and eliminates waste and labor exploitation.  

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