6 Denmark-Based GreenTech Startups on ReFueling Environment

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6 Denmark-Based GreenTech Startups on ReFueling Environment

Research and innovation are essential to achieving Denmark’s audacious climate goals and protecting our natural and environmental resources. There will be more rapid development of new green solutions and technological leaps thanks to the government’s new comprehensive national strategy. In the long run, this will lower the transition costs and allow for real savings by 2030 and 2050. In Denmark and the rest of the world, new solutions and technologies play a critical role in achieving the goal of the green transition. Here are 6 Denmark-based GreenTech startups that deserve applause.


Aarhus, Midtjylland, Denmark-based VisBlue is a spinout company from Aarhus University and the University of Porto, based on a patented invention created in 2014 by Adelio Mendes and Anders Bentien. VisBlue is involved in battery development, power electronics, and system production. VisBlue has created a VisBlue battery solution, a Vanadium based redox flow solution. VisBlue battery is a sustainable energy storage solution that makes the electricity bill cheaper and greener. VisBlue battery increases the utilization rate of power produced from renewable energy sources and allows users around the clock. VisBlue aspires to be a global brand in the field of renewable energy. VisBlue’s goal is to be a natural feature of every major housing development that includes solar panels as part of the energy accounts. VisBlue is now, besides the four founders,100% owned by the four private Business Angels, Jesper Andersen, Kim G. Christensen, Ole Lysgård Madsen, and Peter Aaby. On Dec 1, 2017, the company won a €50K grant from EASME – EU Executive Agency for SMEs.


Hasselager, Midtjylland, Denmark-based Seneco, is a lighting connectivity company founded in 2010. On Apr 8, 2021, Fagerhult AB acquired Seneco for an undisclosed amount. Seneco focuses on quality, reliability, and innovation. Seneco offers a complete portfolio of controls and sensors, enabling luminaire manufacturers, utilities, and municipalities to improve the use of scarce resources, save operating costs and protect the environment by managing energy better. Seneco has supported customers in operational, regulatory, and consumer-driven challenges by capturing the advantages and benefits of wireless and sensor technologies. Seneco develops and sells innovative control and monitoring products for street lighting. Seneco analyzes traffic on the road to enable light only where relevant—delivering energy savings up to 92 %—reducing cities’​ energy bills and carbon footprint. On Mar 4, 2014, the company raised DKK5.8M in a seed funding round backed by Nupark Accelerace and Accelerace.

Danske Commodities

Danske Commodities is a tech-driven energy trading company. It trades power, gas, and certificates across 40 markets. Denske uses its market knowledge and 24-hour trading setup to support customers through tailor-made services targeting renewable producers, conventional assets, and energy suppliers. With increasing energy demands come increasing emissions, leading to climate changes. Danske Commodities bring renewables to the market at scale and provide the flexibility needed to meet renewable power generation’s energy demands and intermittency. Denske was born in 2004 when a young Danish banker and entrepreneur saw potential in bringing divided national energy markets together through international trade. Danske Commodities was acquired by energy major Equinor (FRA: DNQA) in 2019. 

Makeen Energy

MAKEEN Energy is a global corporation in the energy industry. Makeen Energy plays an active role in the sustainable transformation of the energy market. Makeen Energy develops responsible energy solutions that make a difference for people and the planet. It specializes in responsible energy solutions, LPG solutions, LNG solutions, power plants, trading, gas equipment, engineering, project management, Service, LBG solutions, plastic waste conversion, and solar-powered street lighting. Makeen Energy employs and empowers approx. 2500 people across 6 continents and operates in over 140 countries. Among Denmark-based GreenTech startups, MAKEEN Energy’s global reach, local presence, and decades of experience ensure the delivery of complete solutions at a level unmatched in our industry. 


Ikast, Midtjylland, Denmark-based Ennogie is a technology-driven company specializing in solar energy and the integration of this into modern buildings. Kristian Harley, an engineering student, saw the potential of solar energy in 2010 and wanted to do something about the anxieties many homeowners have about switching to green energy. This is where the concept of a solar roof solution began to take shape. Ennogie was founded by Kristian Harley Lindholm and a team of intrepid innovators. Ennogie creates energy solutions that look good and increase the property’s resale value. As a company, Ennogie’s goal is to develop and market solar energy solutions that balance aesthetics, comfort, and profitability to create a sustainable future. Ennogie was honored with the Danish Design Award in 2016 and the European iF Design Award in 2017 for its solar roof solution.

Clayton Power

Clayton Power is a mobile and off-grid power system based on lithium battery technology. Clayton Power offers power solutions for the automotive, industrial, maritime, military, and renewable energy markets. Clayton Power develops and produces a broad range of energy products, including remote controllers, sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers, lithium-ion batteries, and battery management systems. Clayton Power delivers complete Plug’n’Play power systems and solutions that are simple and easy to install and control. Clayton Power aims to be a preferred partner in efficient energy and develop customer-specific products and know-how-related solutions. Quality, cost optimization, and design are among its key considerations. Its production facilities are based in Europe, ensuring flexible and skilled productions with short lead times and the best possible customer service. Clayton Power A/S holds an ISO 9001 standard that defines the framework for an efficient quality management system. The ISO 14001 International Standard helps Clayton Power A/S to support environmental management as one of the top Denmark-based GreenTech startups tackling climate change.

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