Jio True 5G Beta Trial to Reposition India as a True Tech Power

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Jio True 5G Beta Trial to Reposition India as a True Tech Power

Reliance Jio announced the commencement of the True-5G Beta trial for Jio customers in four cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Varanasi. With this roll-out, Jio is trying to help India overcome obstacles caused by legacy technologies such as 2G.

As Jio’s True-5G network prepares to launch in certain cities, Jio’s Welcome Offer will enable invited customers to test True-5G services and provide feedback on the quality of service and user experience. Jio, a customer-obsessed company, believes in providing the greatest customer experience possible, enhanced by user feedback.

Jio’s objective with 5G is to accelerate India’s development towards a Digital society. Jio has over 425 million users. This connectedness and technology will benefit humanity by enhancing lives and increasing the means of subsistence.

By invitation, Jio is launching the Jio True 5G Welcome Offer in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Varanasi for Jio members. These subscribers will receive unlimited 5G broadband at speeds exceeding 1 Gbps. The Beta trial service for additional cities will be disclosed as communities continue to prepare. Users will continue to utilize this Beta trial until the network coverage of a city is substantially complete to give each client the best possible coverage and user experience.

Invited ‘Jio Welcome Offer’ consumers will be automatically upgraded to the Jio True 5G service without the requirement to swap out their existing Jio SIM card or 5G device. Jio is also collaborating with all handset manufacturers to enable their 5G devices to work seamlessly with Jio True 5G services, providing customers with the largest selection of 5G devices.

Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Akash M. Ambani, stated that Prime Minister had issued a clarion appeal for accelerated rollout of 5G across India to realize the full potential of a Digital India. In response, Jio has developed the most ambitious and rapid 5G rollout strategy for a country of our size.

India is at the forefront of the digital revolution. Jio’s 5G network will be True 5G, and we believe India deserves nothing less. Jio 5G will be the most advanced 5G network in the world, built by Indians for Indians.

By adopting 5G, Jio will develop platforms and solutions that will revolutionize skill development, education, healthcare, agriculture, and other areas, with the promise of enhancing the lives of every Indian.

Jio True-5G Beta must continue to be a service offered only to a select few residents of our largest cities. It must be accessible to every Indian person, household, and company. Only then will we be able to drastically raise productivity, incomes, and living standards across our whole economy, producing a successful and inclusive society in our nation.” ♦

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