How to Use MidJourney AI Art Generator for Digital Graphics?

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MidJourney AI art generator

After developing many AI article generators, the world of maverick developers wanted to try AI to develop visual arts. Such ambition led to the emergence of DALL.E & DALL.E2, Stable Diffusion, and the MidJourney AI art generator. This artificial creative generator aims to replace dependency on graphic designers so you can enjoy more autonomy over your content creation process. If you are a publisher looking for fast creatives like fast food, you might want to explore MidJourney AI Art Generator developed by Midjourney Research Lab. You would be startled by the output of the AI that is placed on your favorite Discord Server.

So far, we figure that the MidJourney AI art generator is the most creative of other artificial graphic generators. You can simply input their command button /imagine, type keywords that depict your imagination, and wait for the Midjourney bot on Discord to render it below a minute. Using MidJourney is easy for anyone with access to the Internet and doesn’t cost up to 10 illustrations generated by the bot post which a very nominal subscription fee applies. If you are curious to explore the AI art generator, follow this process and enjoy technology in the arts.

So here’s how to use MidJourney AI Art Generator to generate graphics for your written content.

  1. Create an Account or Login to your Discord Server on your Web Browser or phone.
  2. Go to Home on the left-hand side of the Discord Server to explore communities where you can type in “Midjourney” or simply use from another tab on the same browser.
  3. Once you are on the Midjourney server, at the bottom, you’ll notice an entry field where you should use the command prompt “/imagine” to start typing your requirement.
  4. We tried “woman in a poppy seed garden,” and here is what we got. 

MidJourney AI art generator

To many, this might appear pretty dystopian to the artist community, but we can assure you that no matter how brilliant the output is, this AI art generator, along with its peers, is straddling a very sensitive ground. Suppose the situation affects people’s employment worldwide. In that case, it might get legally banned as all these AI graphic generators have already scored a heated debate worldwide on ethics and infringement of creative sources. It is already debated how these AI tools infringe copyrights of original artworks sourced from the Internet that mashed and hashed to generate a complex graphic through deep learning.

Emmy-Nominated Creative Director of Campfire Steve Coulson has designed many immersive campaigns. In 2022, he published Summer Island, a 40-page folk-horror story about a sea god festival, with the help of MidJourney AI art generator. It is argued that these AI graphic generators are here to help artists instead of replacing them. It is now pushed into the mainstream that these tools will make digital illustrations more accessible, creating more creators and revitalizing visual art. This development of machine learning models to generate digital images from natural language prompts uses the’ diffusion’ technique to connect random dots shaping them into an image as per semantic information you provide. ♦

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