6 Dutch Health Tech Enterprises Forging New Horizons!

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6 Netherlands-based Health Tech Enterprises Calling the Shots

With over 1,100 Dutch health tech enterprises, the Netherlands has established itself as a rising health tech powerhouse covering startups to enterprises over three times that of neighboring Germany. The exponential growth of emerging technologies like data and machine learning, with numerous fascinating applications in the medical profession, has contributed to the health tech industry‘s precipitous rise. Here are 6 Dutch Health Tech enterprises that are calling the shots!

Neogene Therapeutics

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands-based Neogene Therapeutics was founded by Carsten Linnemann, and Ton Schumacher. Neogene Therapeutics is a biotech company providing cancer patients with T-cell therapies targeting mutated proteins called neo-antigens. Neogene Therapeutics is developing novel technologies to enable the engineering of ‘designer T-cells’ with neo-antigen specificities that display an optimized ability to seek and destroy cancer cells. Neogene’s platform allows the isolation of neoantigen-specific TCR genes from tumor biopsies. The company’s proprietary technology uses state-of-the-art DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis, and genetic screening tools to identify neoantigen-specific T-cell receptor genes within tumor biopsies with high sensitivity, specificity, and scale. Founded in 2018, on Sep 14, 2020, the company received $110M in Series A funding backed by Vida Ventures, Two River, TPG, Syncona Partners LLP, Pontifax, Polaris Partners, Jeito Capital, and EcoR1 Capital.

Lapsi Health

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands-based Lapsi Health was founded by Diana van Stijn MD, Jhonatan Bringas Dimitriades MD, Rodrigo Alvez, and Séamus Holohan. Lapsi Health is a Medical Technology company developing Digital Biomarkers from medical sound analytics. Lapsi Health offers Digital Therapeutics, Wearables, Health Tech, Healthcare Technology, Digital Biomarkers, Telemedicine, and Remote Patient Monitoring. Lapsi Health aims to transform the conventional usage of auscultatory sounds in Medicine and Pharma-Biotech development. Lapsi Health’s range of products built for doctors, patients, and researchers is built with Finnish engineering and experienced developers. Founded in 2021, on Mar 17, 2022, the company received $640K in Pre Seed funding.


Roden, Drenthe, The Netherlands-based Sencure was founded by Jurryt Vellinga. Sencure develops chips that help measure electrophysiological parameters on the human body in innovative ways. Sencure’s goal is to have as little influence on a patient’s daily life as possible, combined with a maximum impact on the patient’s life. Sencure minimizes the gap between compliance and the best solutions for wearable health technology. Sencure believes that using advanced chip technology can improve the quality of medical wearable devices, increase the speed of medical device development, and reduce the size of such devices. Secure’s mission is to enable the development of next-generation medical wearables by developing specialized ICs (chips) for biometrical measurements to improve the quality of life of patients and healthy people. Founded in 2021, on Apr 28, 2021, the company received €1.5M in Seed funding backed by Cottonwood Technology Fund and Lumana Invest.


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands-based Castor was founded by Derk Arts, MD, Ph.D. Castor’s cloud-based clinical data platform simplifies the entire clinical trial process for researchers worldwide, from recruitment to analysis. Thousands of medical devices, biotech, and academic researchers worldwide are using Castor’s eClinical solutions to accelerate their studies. Castor’s platform has supported more than 4,000 commercial and academic studies that cover a broad range of therapeutic areas, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, rare diseases, infectious diseases, and oncology. Researchers on the platform generate vast amounts of data from traditional and remote trials. Castor’s vision is to create a future where all data contributes directly to discovering cures for the world’s diseases. Founded in 2012, on Jul 14, 2021, the company received $45M in Series B funding backed by F-Prime Capital, Eight Roads Ventures, Inkef, and Two Sigma Ventures.


Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands-based Siilo was founded by Arvind Rao, Jan-Joost Rueb, Joost Bruggeman, and Onno Bakker. Siilo is a secure and GDPR-compliant medical messaging app. It helps teams of physicians, nurses, and other staff to communicate to smoothen clinical collaboration, bump productivity, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. Siilo also comes with video calling and web app features. Siilo is the largest medical network in Europe, with over a quarter-million active users who have exchanged over 1 billion messages. Siilo also partners with medical associations like AGIK and KAVA, and hospitals like Charité, UMC Utrecht, and Erasmus MC to deliver organizational and departmental collaboration. Founded in 2016, on Jul 30, 2020, the company received €9.5M in Series A funding backed by Philips Health Technology Ventures, Heal Capital, and EQT Ventures.

Frame Cancer Therapeutics

Of the 6 Dutch health tech enterprises, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland-based Frame Cancer Therapeutics was founded by Bob Löwenberg, Dinko Valerio, and Ronald Plasterk. Frame Cancer Therapeutics offers cancer vaccines based on DNA that focus on a patient’s tumor’s unique and individual nature. Frame Therapeutics is dedicated to transforming cancer treatment by directing the immune system towards Frame neoantigens. Frame Cancer Therapeutics aims to transform cancer treatment by directing the immune system towards Frame neoantigens. Founded in 2019, on Jun 8, 2022, the company was acquired by Tübingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany-based CureVac. CureVac (NASDAQ: CVAC) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that provides prophylactic and therapeutic applications of messenger RNA.

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