6 UK & European Mental Health Startups on Mapping the Mind

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With more and more people having to stay indoors for compliance with Corona containment measures, to disavow any antisocial stigma as new scientific research has come to speculate it, think of it critically, it is already undermining to be distanced from social life for the singles, the older adults, and people with pre-existing mental health conditions. 

While the challenge remains open to speculation, It serves as a context for the rising mental health as a service industry. While some countries are still lackadaisical about this aspect, busy controlling panic till a solution is out, a lead of mental health startups are already leveraging technology to alleviate the mental health crisis by making mental health care globally accessible. 


BioBeats (a Huma company) is established in the UK and helps people control their mental health via digital products. Their main product is BioBase, which seamlessly combined an app with a smart wearable. This helps you identify stressors in your body, as well as interactions or situations that bring in anxiety. Their app also has a course spanning over eight weeks, which helps you learn how to reach goals and maintain a sense of balance. 


Another UK-based mental health startup, Unmind, focuses on workplace mental health. This startup offers complete proactive support for employees. It helps track their wellbeing anonymously, and then it offers solutions to keep excellent mental health. Unmind focuses on delivering a cultural change to every business while making it easier for employees to get past stress and depression.

Flow Neuroscience  

Flow is based in Sweden, and they developed a unique headset that helps stimulate brain activity. It’s beneficial for people that are dealing with depression or anxiety. They also have a dedicated AI-based app that helps teach the patient how to cope with depression, what lifestyle changes to make, and the science behind how the entire Flow system works.

Moodpath (MindDoc) 

Moodpath (MindDoc) is a startup from Berlin whose focus is on mood tracking three times per day. After two weeks, the user will receive a report and immediate access to 150 psychological exercises. The focus here is to help people improve their mental wellbeing through knowledge videos and exercise. They work closely with some of the top researchers in psychotherapy and psychology to bring in state of the art, comprehensive solutions.


Spill is a Slack app that’s very easy to install. It starts asking employees about their mental health. Depending on the answers and score, some employees get directed to video therapy sessions, while others can talk with a therapist right through Slack. The company is also creating its psychotherapy knowledge bank. 


This Netherlands-based startup focuses on using virtual reality to personalize treatments and bring in front comprehensive solutions for every individual. Their products are designed to assist with post-traumatic stress, and it’s a great solution to eliminate mental health concerns. The idea of using VR to solve depression and stress-related problems is brilliant, and it conveys a vast array of benefits for people going through hard times.


All these six mental health startups are revolutionizing the industry with unique, state of the art technology leading the path for mental health innovation, which’s very helpful during these challenging times. It’s more important than ever to have mental health solutions that help people keep their sanity and eliminate mental health concerns. These notable startups are pushing the boundaries by offering creative, robust solutions that everyone can use to eliminate their mental health problems!

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