Tech Startup NYOUM’s Instant Video Messaging App is LOVE!

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Instant Video Messaging AppOn August 26, 2021, a London communication technology startup, NYOUM Ltd, expressed LOVE in a brand new way! When Spotify & Facebook were busy copying Clubhouse, NYOUM got instant video messaging app LOVE by reinventing the messenger infrastructure. LOVE is NYOUM’s flagship product disrupting social communication in innovative and interesting ways. At the core of LOVE, the NYOUM’s has reinvented video and audio messaging, video calling, and many more social media app features.

NYOUM’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Christopher Schlaeffer, boasts of working with an extraordinary team of artists, technologists, and designers who built LOVE to redefine how we communicate on the internet. Schlaeffer explains that communication is a visual expression, speech, and human connection, exactly what LOVE is designed to deliver.

Instant video messaging app LOVE leverages video communication in a very way by replacing the keyboard as a human-machine interface with multi-modality features. The app can transcribe speech and translate it into more than 50+ languages on the recipient’s end. It is easy to infer that you can expect no language barrier if you connect with someone through LOVE, as the recipient will automatically hear you in their chosen language.

LOVE’s Co-founder and CEO, Samantha Radocchia, is of the impression that digital communication is still lagging in many ways. While digital has made messengers faster than before, it is still like SMSing. Video calls don’t offer a safety net as social media has made communication impersonal. 

Contextually, LOVE has taken the flight to restore connections while transcending boundaries. The app, much like Telegram and Signal, uses no ads for privacy, offering users to request the right to forgetting any data footprint during the period of using the app. What is more interesting is the commitment to democratize the platform by transferring ownership to the users within the next five years, awaiting further clarification from the business.

LOVE leverages AI for voice and face recognition, natural language processing (NLP), data encryption, contextual analytics, and translation algorithms from a technology standpoint. It seems that while Telegram and Signal do ensure privacy and, therefore, safety, do make video calls secured with families and close people and do offer the right to forgetting user data, there’s no provision of voice and face recognition feature or language translation to close all communication gap. Telegram also has an instant video messaging feature that does not include transcription or translation.

As of August 29, 2021, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger and every other instant messaging app have instant voice messaging wherein users can send voice notes. Still, such voice notes do not offer translation and limit easy communication between people from two languages. These apps also do not offer instant video messaging but an attached video file or face time. The way users can press the mic, record, and send, there’s no similar feature for video messaging. So, all these features converge in LOVE offering users a magical experience. 

It is worth mentioning that the popular language learning app, HelloTalk is a close approximation of LOVE. However, the instant video messaging app LOVE still wins because the instant video feature on HelloTalk doesn’t transcribe or translate while bearing all the other features that LOVE is yet to bring to the experience of global users. LOVE is currently available for iOS in the US and soon plans to expand to more countries, including Android.

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