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7 Ukraine-based Startups Braving the War to Rebuild the Country

Early in February 2022, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shook the European VC industry. According to reports, Ukraine has 28 VC-backed firms that raised a total of $10.4M in 2021, even though the Ukrainian startup scene is very tiny compared to other European nations. The country was destined for prosperity, but today, due to offensive Russian […]

Volocopter Spearheads Europe’s Commitment to Urban Air Mobility

The European market for urban air mobility is anticipated to reach €4.2 billion by 2030, representing a 31% share of the global industry. While this highly inventive sector presents a chance for economic growth and job creation in Europe, it also creates several governance, regulatory, and infrastructure issues for cities. While it is uncontested that […]

An Analysis of Ukrainian Startup Scene Amid Russian War

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocked the whole European VC ecosystem in early February 2022. Albeit the Ukrainian startup scene is relatively small compared to other European countries, Ukraine reportedly had 28 VC-backed companies that collectively raised $10.4M in 2021. The country was growth bound, but now with the offensive Russian militancy, the Ukrainian startup scene […]

After Meta & Twitter, Putin Threats Expat Social Media Influencers

Since the inception of the Russian-Ukraine war, Russians have been vocal about Vladimir Putin’s disastrous move against Ukraine. Many expat Russians condemn Russia for its ongoing war with Ukraine in February 2022. To counter the anti-Russia messaging level, President Putin threatens Russian expat social media influencers with 15 years of imprisonment should they not cease […]

An Estimation of Crisis according to CNI Cybersecurity Hiring

With an increase in global cybersecurity threats coupled with a lack of skilled professionals in cybersecurity hiring, there is a high level of professional fatigue reported by businesses worldwide. Every 4 out of 10 cybersecurity professionals in the UK report stress triggering them to consider resignation tentatively within 2022, which will result in a severe […]

WeDoSolar Solar Energy Startup Starts NetZero with your Balcony

When energy prices are through the roof and not slowing down anytime because of Russia’s obvious and devastating invasion of Ukraine, the haze over our energy dependence is getting clearer. Acting on this vital ask for humanity are green startups with forward-thinking ideas and products that help us offset the collateral damages of living. Among […]

Chinese Internet Users are in Crisis; Pay to Obfuscate IP Address

China, known for censorship and ghost-tracking Chinese Internet users, has got all Chinese social media companies to reveal user data, including IP addresses. How are users responding to the situation and how are social media platforms complying with the mandate? Well, it is known to the world that the authoritarian Chinese regime never permitted its […]

How Markets Learned the Language of Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky

Airbnb Inc. gained a substantial 6% in extended trading and surpassed Wall Street’s average estimates as per the company’s current quarter report. This gain has become possible due to a surge in travel bookings that have faced enormous restrictions in the past two years. The revenue of Q2 is estimated at $2.03B to $2.13B, which exceeds […]

From LockerGoga to 16 Conti Ransomware: Hackers Take no Chill

Last year, we did an article on Nordic SMEs Enjoy Hygge Amidst Global Cybersecurity Threat and covered extensively on the LockerGoga ransomware. We discussed the uniqueness of the strain and how only a handful of expensive anti-malware products can detect and neutralize the LockerGoga. We recommended how Nordic SMEs should be ready to bear that cost […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Fascinating World of Cryptocurrency

What is this hype around cryptocurrency? Why is everyone going gaga over it? Well, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency for the purchase of goods and services. The regulated currency ($, ₹, £) is converted into tokens, and by leveraging the decentralized blockchain methodology, users transact securely in the unregulated marketplace, such as casinos or […]

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