Introduction to Google Analytics 4: Things you Didn’t Know

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Introduction to Google Analytics 4: Things you Didn't KnowThe new Google Analytics 4 is a much-anticipated development for website analysts. Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. With people’s online journeys becoming more complex and spread over several platforms or devices, Google decided to phase out the existing Google Analytics and start with Google Analytics 4. As per Google, the new G4 is privacy-minded as data collection and processing are increasingly gaining focus. 

Universal Analytics will be available till July 1, 2023, after which it will stop processing all data. But experts say that web admins should not delay so long and start now with the new G4 analytics to start collecting data. Historical data is important to document a website’s growth and present for business purposes, and hence sooner one gets started, the better it is.

It’s good to know that this new property can happily coexist with your current Analytics property. Getting started with Google Analytics 4 doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to use your Universal Analytics anymore. This property will continue to function and collect data until the data above. But you will eventually have to make the switch, so let’s dive into what this new version of Analytics, formerly known as “App + Web,” entails.

Expecting Setting: Google Analytics 4

Google says, “Meet the next generation of Google Analytics” about this newest version. On the help center page, they have described the new Google Analytics 4 as-

  • It is future-proof and privacy-oriented.
  • It provides insights into consumer journeys across platforms and devices using machine learning.
  • It has improved integrations with Google’s advertising infrastructure to improve campaign performance.

Online Client Acquisition Roadmap

The new tool helps you understand the A to Z of customer experience as they converge from numerous platforms and devices. This is particularly intriguing if you have both a website and an application. No longer will the consumer journey be segmented by multiple platforms or structured into distinct sessions. This offers you a better insight into how customers navigate and engage with your website and/or application.

Privacy Matters: EU GDPR

Sharing a great deal of personal data online has grown increasingly common over time. Countries worldwide have enacted data protection laws to protect people’s data and assist them in understanding how their data is used. This is the GDPR, for example, for EU nations. This new Analytics property has country-specific privacy settings to facilitate important data collection while adhering to local privacy standards. In addition, Google Analytics 4 enables you to better tailor who gets access to which data. This guarantees that various teams or external partners may access the data they require without requiring you to provide access that is inconsistent with your organization’s policies.

Machine Learning for Predictive Buyer Analysis

Google’s machine learning algorithms may utilize your data to forecast the activities your audience may take in the future. Two predictive indicators included in Google Analytics 4 make this feasible. The first is the purchase probability, which estimates the possibility that app or website visitors will purchase within the following week. The second is churn probability, which estimates the likelihood that recently engaged customers will not return to your app or website within the following week. These predictive data can help you target the appropriate audience with the appropriate message and through the appropriate channel.

Introduction to Google Analytics 4: Things you Didn't Know

Google Analytics 4: Connected Services & Integration

This new property features enhanced integrations with Google’s other products. Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and Display & Video 360. If you are curious about it, know that it makes it easy to improve your advertising campaigns using your Analytics data. This enhanced connection enables you to make decisions based on actual data to increase your traffic and revenue.

Bolster Marketing Efforts with Data-Driven Insights

This new product employs data-driven attribution to illustrate the impact of particular marketing initiatives. Each interaction’s contribution to conversion results is the focus of data-driven attribution. Consequently, this model analyzes the impact of your marketing efforts and identifies which pathways might be enhanced. It establishes which touchpoints are most likely to lead to conversions. You may also export this information to Google Ads to improve your advertising efforts.

Required Action: Google Analytics 4

Create a Google Analytics 4 property for your website as the first step. This is possible through your Google Analytics account. Setting up this new property will not prevent you from accessing your current analytics configuration. This configuration will stay unchanged and functioning. The new property will store its information alongside your current property, and you will have access to both.

Google has created a GA4 Setup Assistant procedure to assist you in configuring your new property. To utilize this wizard, you must have an editor role in Google Analytics. Follow the link to add a Google Analytics 4 property (to a site that already has Analytics).

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