Friday, May 20

Custom Google Meet Virtual Background for iOS Users

iOS users can now enjoy a personalized background for their meetings on Google Meet, thanks to the new update. Google revealed that video conferencing tool users can now edit/update backgrounds in Google Meet on iOS. 

iPhone or iPad users can now select from images recommended by Google, such as office spaces, landscapes, and abstract backgrounds. They may also upload their own background to use during meetings. 

Google Meet Virtual Background

Professionals working from home would originally feel embarrassed to have an unkempt background during meetings. It wouldn’t be feasible always to keep things tidy in a house full of kids. The Google Meet Virtual background is a great respite. iOS users can now use a custom Google Meet background and avoid embarrassment. 

Using Google Meet Virtual Background is accessible to all users, including all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business customers. However, the feature is off in default for end-users who must contact their Google Workspace admin to turn it on. Additionally, one would need iOS 12 or above to try the feature besides an iPhone 8 or 5th Generation + iPad.

Turn on the New Google Meet Feature

Users will have to turn on the feature before a video call via the Effects button on the self-view screen displayed before joining a Google Meet call. From “slightly blur” to “completely blur” to uploading custom Google Meet Virtual background, it is on users to go creative with their styles and filters to set up an effective video conferencing background.

But what if a user feels like changing background during a Google Meet call? Well, Google Meet got you covered. You can use the same Effects option to make the changes. It is important to note that changing backgrounds can drain battery power, so Google advises using the feature responsibly.

Please note that Google Meet has had the option to change backgrounds since October 2020. This article documents further development accounting for greater customization to stay relevant with Zoom and Microsoft’s Meetings. iOS users can breathe relief as Google Meet has introduced custom backgrounds beyond the typical classroom, party, and forest themes.

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