Ethical and Effective Strategies for Marketing in 2021

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Traversing through the internet’s online space, we toggle between flashy videos to finding one’s credo. We satiate our digital savor by buying products and downloading applications from shady advertisements. Unethical marketing is becoming a regular menace. The conventional rules are being flouted relentlessly and rampantly to increase digital reach and satisfy the end without any moral value attached to the means of achieving them.

The junction of ethics and business is a breeding place for dispute and latent discords due to conflicts of interests, which is a permanent issue because the ads are engineered to mislead people and make money out of it. The ever-widening gap between them cannot be bridged easily. It is so because pseudo-ethics have different parameters in different verticals. Ethical marketing is a guiding principle of essence that steers the modicum of marketing in 2021, efforts through which a business commences its endeavor in a market stratum.

Increasing Brand Values, Recognition, & Outreach

Brand value is an integral part of creating an environment of trust. Its loyalty is related to value for money and customer satisfaction. Businesses should deliver and fulfill their promise, built upon an environment of trust and faith in their advertising.

Brand equity is hurt by deceitful advertisement, exaggeration of services, and unnecessary embellishments that deviate from a company’s promises or assertions on its product and services. “The increased pressure to deliver results is not likely to go away anytime soon,” says Darryl Sparey, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Hard Numbers. Source

Instill a Sublime Sense of Quality

The quality of a product or service is subjected to the same customer’s approval based on user experience, opinion, and emotions or attribution of feelings associated with it in the customer’s mind frame, imparted by way of marketing a business.

The feeling of being scammed, cheated, or lied to can easily be marked or pointed out by a customer, and it sticks like a stigma and creates a negative imprint in the mind of users that lingers. There are myriad paths to augment the sway, influence, panache, and attribution of quality to a product or service without engaging in misrepresentation, dodgy, shady, and misleading advertising.

Minimalism, Monetization Strategy, Market Penetration, & Marketing Automation

Nowadays, the minimalistic designs that offer simple but ingenious solutions to customer problems are being accepted globally, cater to an array of customer sentiments, make marketing techniques more effective, and give more ROI.

Customers cherish products that offer value for money and qualitative assurance. Products that are endorsed, verified and benchmarked by influential ambassadors or companies who develop standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems are highly regarded by customers.


Advertising is the lifeblood of a free market economy. Customers are switching their brand allegiance, which is a challenge to marketers. To maintain brand equity and augment effectiveness, marketing in 2021 should be an environment of trust. Ethical practices should be employed to advertise to enter into a long-term engagement with customers; their interest should be of utmost importance. Parity should be maintained between customer sentiments and customer satisfaction.

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