Digital Marketing Best Practices for Small Business Owners


The last few years noticed a global surge in registering eCommerce websites. We are not even discussing giant business-to-business (B2B) stores, but countless small business owners going digital.

This article discusses how such countless digital sellers or small-scale online businesses can accelerate their digital growth. Launching a website is only buying a land; without marketing, it is difficult to achieve the real objective of going digital; to gain massive reach out.

Social Media Marketing

Depending on the small business’s nature, i.e., if it is B2B or B2C (business-to-customer), determine and prioritize your social platforms. 

B2B demands you go heavy on LinkedIn, followed by Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

B2C demands you reverse the order and start from Instagram and then move the needle through Facebook, Twitter, & then LinkedIn.

Visual Marketing 

Depending on the nature of the small business, you have to focus on visual marketing. 

For example, if it is like an Etsy store, ensure your visual marketing is aesthetically pleasing to provoke visitors to make buyer-considerations.

If your small online business is about servicing hardware, focus on contextual visual marketing where you can focus on images of doers and can heavily exploit GIF marketing.

B2C online market place can also focus on contextual product photography instead of indoor conservative photo shoots. 

Email Marketing

Both B2B & B2C must leverage email marketing, although the email marketing conversion scheme is pretty dated. It is because email marketing still works, and it depends on the skill of your copywriter. 

Get hold of a reliable copywriter from your domain, have a compelling sales copy written with you as the buyer in mind. If that copy fails to pass your buying interest, don’t proceed. But…

Assess how the copywriter can make the sales copy more buyer-centric for which the approach has to be improved. Remind the buyer of the challenge they have to overcome and suggest not force.

Engagement Gamification

To further build on social media marketing for small online businesses and email marketing for B2B setups, try gamification. 

There’s a whole lot of discount mechanism that has saturated the market. As a progressive online business, you have the room to develop this part. So, how can you gamify your small business marketing online? 

  • Ask your audience to identify their cause and how you can help if they choose to transact with you
  • Ask your audience to share with you how they enjoy your product so that you can boost their brand using your network
  • You can also ask your audience to engage with your brand to earn contributions to their public wishlist

What to learn more? Contact us.

Digital Networking

Social media and email marketing are meant to interact with potential buyers. As a small business owner, you mustn’t ignore the need to connect with your fellow competitors or industry influencers. 

Is there a digital marketing summit going to discuss some fresh ways to improve your digital marketing engagement? Please register for it. 

If you are into Augmented Reality prototyping or similar Industry 4.0 technology design & development sector, look up for virtual technology conferences now that COVID has massively impacted the network-marketing industry propelled toward accelerating sales and advancing dialogues in the domain.

Why should small business owners care about digital networking? Small business owners need to do so to build their tribe, have community support, and never run of ideas to nurture their business growth.


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