AI Voice Generator to Voice Cloning to Deep Fake Voice Technology

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The voice cloning market leveraging deep fake voice technology is predicted growth at 17.2% CAGR during the forecast period of 2021-2026. Synthetic voice cloning technology is the computerized generation of one’s voice using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). While this deep fake voice technology aids humans suffering degenerative voice conditions, humanizes voice assistants, and makes the interactive content creation industry far from boring, it is prone to abuse and the rise of deep fake voice technology plagued by spammers, scammers, hackers, and all that conspiracy theorists regulating global porn and political affairs.

Voice Cloning Market Prediction

Mordor Intelligence predicts a significant growth of the deep fake voice technology or voice cloning market across solution segments owing to increasing adoption across education, healthcare, BFSI, media & entertainment, retail, and other potential industries. While some organizations would project as a voice cloning technology firm, the truth is all are headed toward adopting deep fake voice technology as humans aspire to interact with persona-specific voiceovers more than voice bots. The word “fake” in deep fake voice technology might be the repellent, but enterprises and startups know that the deeper the fake, the better the chances of their commercial existence and growth.

Deep Fake Voice Technology Threat

Voice artists may feel some level of threat from the voice cloning technology for real. But let’s clarify that technology has both pros and cons. While the voice cloning technology will make it difficult for voice-over artists who resort to excessive pricing for their services, it cannot certainly cater to natural voice requirements no matter how advanced machine learning trains the voice bots to enunciate, pause, breathe, and sound elegant. But, it is the deep fake voice technology that has exclusive pass in degenerative diseases like Motor neuron disease (MND), Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Humans battling voice issues can only have voice box implantation that produces synthetic sound following the person’s voice production anatomy.

Top AI Voice Generator Web App Startups 

At present, the synthetic voice market has an interesting group of players. They present as AI voice generator web app startups at the moment, but they will soon adopt deep fake voice technology as businesses demand persona-specific voiceovers. Some of these voice startups have free-trial periods, and some do not. Please note that we would only recommend responsible usage of the following sites. If you are a content creator or run a voice-based content site, you may find their services compelling. We are not rating these sites, so consider it information subjected to your scrutiny.

Image describes a neon mouth emitting bright light depicting voice signals interacting with a voice assistant device.
The image describes a neon mouth emitting bright light depicting voice signals interacting with a voice assistant device.


If you are looking for voices for video production, you can use‘s text-to-speech generator that can read your text files and attempt to produce close to natural voiceovers.

Voice Booking

You can visit VoiceBooking, add your text, choose voice, speed, pitch, etc., to generate a voice file for your content. You can use their pro-services for native-speaking voiceovers through remote recording.

Endorsed by many top brands, asks you to discontinue robotic text-to-speech and offer your customer a more natural experience through their top-of-the-line API integration. 

ReplicaStudio gets you a voice artist to train AI models to copy their unique speech patterns, pronunciation, and emotional range and deliver you the most natural-sounding characters for your game or animation. 


Product or business promos, mobile app explainers, presentations, podcast intros, etc., comprise the toolkit that works with voice professionals to convert your home-style voice into a studio-quality AI. generates realistic and easy-to-download MP3 and WAV audio files using the best synthetic voices from Google, Amazon, IBM & Microsoft. The website suggests endorsements by many top brands. offers AI voice generator services to help brands and businesses create voice avatars and dynamic IVR assistants. They blend real voice recording with synthetic content with proprietory Resemble Fill.

DeepZen uses licensed voice replicas of skilled narrators and actors to adds rhythm, stress, and intonation to written text. The startup is in the accelerator bucket of Oracle, Google, Amazon, Nvidia, and IBM.

Graduation Day: AI Voice Generator to Deep Fake Voice Technology

Your voice can be replicated, and that’s both welcoming and disturbing. With data scientists and programming experts fine-tuning the AI voice generators, mastering better voice cloning techniques, we are halfway through deep fake voice technology impersonating voices for sales and marketing. The machine is learning to deliver you experiences beyond bot voices, and we predict the day when your favorite virtual assistants like Samsung’s Bixby, Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa will welcome you home after a hard day at work in the most affectionate voice of the person close to you. In the afterlife industry, new businesses will offer to record voices for posthumous interaction with family members from startups to enterprises.

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