How to Grow Linkedin Authority with Linkedin Automation Tools?

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How to Grow Linkedin Authority with Linkedin Automation Tools?

Growing Linkedin authority in 2022 is not easy. Every day, the Linkedin algorithm is getting smarter with what it promotes. On some days, you’ll see you have shot huge Likes & engagement; on other days, you have hardly any engagement with the same content. You might also notice that some people, no matter what, attract huge engagement contrary to your value-driven content.

Earlier, we discussed how to create a Linkedin profile to impress and influence. Today, we will discuss how to grow your Linkedin authority with Linkedin automation tools. Please note that this is not a sponsored post; hence, we do not endorse the brands. This article informs you of what is available in the market today and how some Linkedin users are growing ahead of you while you are still scratching the floor.

Also, these Linkedin automation tools are not content scheduling tools; these are more like engagement pods where you can request the communities you join to engage with your content. These tools also help you find your content analytics covering posting time, content type, content labels, hashtags, keywords, demographics, feed monitoring, engagement ratio, and more.

5 Linkedin Automation Tools for Linkedin Content Creators 

Sheild App:  Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Shield App is a Linkedin Analytics tool founded in 2018. Linkedin users use this tool to discover key metrics and analytics beyond what Linkedin offers. Using Sheild App, users can maximize organic reach, improve social metrics, and eliminate manual data collection.

Linkboost: There is no place or founding data related to this company. The company website has no connected social accounts. The website informs that it is a marketplace for Linkedin users to create or join pods or communities of the like-minded and share links to Linkedin posts that users would like to promote. This is automated for engagement. 

Kennected: Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Kennected is a Linkedin lead generation app founded in 2018. Kennected simplifies the lead generation process by automating user outreach, personalizing user follow-ups, building real relationships at scale, and helping you create new revenue streams. Users use Kennected to automate their lead flow.

Podawaa:  Based in Montpellier, France, Podawaa is a Linkedin lead generation app founded in 2018. Podawaa offers to increase the reach of user Linkedin content on LinkedIn by automating comments, thus increasing the notoriety of user posts. Podawaa boasts of using Machine Learning to generate comments relevant to the content you post.

Lempod: Based in Paris, France, Lempod is a Linkedin lead generation app founded in 2018. It automatically engages with user posts and pods. Lempod seems to have a great market rivalry as you’ll find too many similar outfits calling them an alternative to Lempod. The company has a good market adoption rate with big brands.

There are plenty of other Linkedin scheduling tools. Do not get confused between Linkedin scheduling tools and Linkedin automation tools. Scheduling is about posting as per time. But, when you use Linkedin automation tools, scheduling is just a subset of it. Please remember that these tools are only as useful as you can make use of them. 

There are advantages to automating user Linkedin and disadvantages, and this judgment is based on user discretion. But if you are going to hire someone to manage your Linkedin account and do not feel safe about it, better you reach you make use of these tools first to manage your privacy and cost concerns. ♦

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