End-of-life Planning Startup, HUG, Focuses on Loss & Healing

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End-of-life Planning Startup, HUG, Focuses on Loss & Healing

When it comes to remembering the deceased, social media and texting systems are typically inadequate. HUG wants to change how we remember our loved ones while assisting us in our healing.

HUG, a Los Angeles-based end-of-life planning startup, has introduced a new platform that allows you to save your family history in a modern and secure setting for future generations to enjoy and learn from. Instead of focusing on loss and isolation, HUG provides a secure and reassuring space to celebrate memories.

HUG acts as a private social media platform that unites friends and family around the remembrance of individuals who have passed away. Signing up allows you to create (or join) a memorial page where you may upload images, audio, video, and text for free. You may invite as many people as you choose to the website accessible exclusively by invitation. End-of-life planning startup HUG is also working on adding other features and services, including a Timeline and an immersive mode, on assisting the planning of funerals. Future premium features will incur a fee, but there will always be a free version. It will never sell advertisements on the app or user information.

Losing a close friend or family member can be one of life’s most difficult situations. HUG’s purpose is to help alleviate the associated loneliness and grief. David Sitbon, the chief executive officer of HUG, believes that the platform’s function as a sacred area for its users can play a significant part in the process. And it extends well beyond. Sitbon argues that HUG not only focuses on the process of remembering and grieving after a loss, but its social character also allows you to strengthen your relationship with those who are still alive. HUG aspires to be the most comprehensive and cutting-edge end-of-life market solution.

David Sitbon, a French-born serial entrepreneur, first examined the idea for his new firm a few years ago when his family was using WhatsApp to share photographs and memories of his late grandmother. During Covid-19, Sitbon discovered the need to remain physically apart while remaining emotionally united. Sitbon chose to develop HUG as a contemporary digital memorial, a means of remembrance and healing.

HUG is a private social network that aids in the healing process after losing a loved one. It brings you, your family, and your friends together to commemorate your loved one. Our platform provides you with all the tools you need to create a secure, modern, and aesthetically pleasing memorial page so that your most cherished Life Stories are always with you, wherever and whenever. ♦

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