6 Switzerland-Based GreenTech Startups on Steering Climate Action

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6 Switzerland-Based GreenTech Startups on Steering Climate Action

Switzerland has committed to promoting environmentally sound, resource-efficient, innovative products, processes, and technology. To achieve so, it will assist pilot projects and demonstrations, as well as programmes aimed at increasing the efficiency of Swiss businesses through a technology promotion fund (about 4.2 million Swiss francs per year). Accordingly, several Swiss start-ups are increasingly focusing on environmental and economic benefits. It is admirable to see how these 6 Switzerland-based GreenTech Startups are steering climate action.

SUSI Partners

One of the Switzerland-based GreenTech Startups from Bahnhofplatz, Zug, SUSI Partners is an infrastructure fund manager founded by Otto Troschke and Tobias Reichmuth. The firm is in sustainable energy infrastructure investments. The firm’s investment strategy focuses on equity and credit opportunities across the energy transition spectrum, including clean energy generation, energy efficiency measures, energy storage, and integrated solutions. SUSI Partners, which has invested over €1 billion in over 140 transactions in 20 countries, aims to provide its customers and their beneficiaries with excellent risk-adjusted returns while also significantly contributing to global carbon neutrality.

Energie Thun AG

Thun, Bern, Switzerland-based Energie Thun AG is an energy efficiency company founded in 2001. Energie Thun AG provides natural gas and electric vehicles. Energie Thun AG stands for a reliable, ecological, efficient, and innovative energy and water supply in the Thun region. Energie Thun AG’s core business is the construction and operation of the supply infrastructure, the procurement/production and sale of electricity, gas, heat, and water, and the provision of services for companies, private individuals, and the public sector. Because of its regional in-house production, participation in production facilities, and procurement cooperations, Energie can offer ṣhigh-quality energy and water at competitive prices. Energie Thun AG acts as a role model in environmental matters and actively contributes to implementing the environmental and energy policy goals of the Confederation, the canton, and the city of Thun.


Urdorf, Aargau, Switzerland-based Techem is a leading global energy services provider Company for the real estate industry. Techem is a leading service partner for green and smart buildings. Techem focuses on energy efficiency along the entire value chain in real estate. Techem promotes healthy living, process efficiency, and climate protection. More than 39 million devices and solutions avoid around 8.7 million tonnes of CO₂ per year. Techem is working on solutions for a successful energy transition in buildings. With digitally networked solutions and devices, Techem can reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, and generate renewable energy across sectors.


Climeworks is the Developer of a carbon removal technology designed to capture carbon dioxide from the air. Climeworks’ technology is fully automated and controlled via a touch screen display and is suitable for autonomous operation. Using mostly low-grade heat as an energy source, its direct air capture facilities absorb CO2 with a filter. Commercial agriculture, food and beverage, and energy and automotive industries are only a few of the businesses where pure CO2 gas is sold. For example, carbonated drinks or hydrocarbon fuels and materials can be made from this CO2 in the atmosphere. As a result, the company helps customers achieve their environmental goals by reversing their emissions and safely storing the CO2. Founded in 2009, On Apr 5, 2022, the company received CHF 600M in a private Equity Round backed by Swiss RE, Partners Group, M & G Investments, Global Founders Capital, GIC, Carbon Removal Partners, Big Point Holdings, Baillie Gifford, and John Doerr.

Grüter Hans

Oberkirch, Luzern, Switzerland-based Grüter Hans is an energy efficiency firm founded Founded by Hans Grüter with a small workshop in Buttisholz in 1971. The family business, run by Reto Grüter in the 2nd generation, realizes projects in heating, sanitary, ventilation, and solar technology and never loses sight of the latest innovations and the pulse of the times. Reto Grüter took over the management of the company in Nov 2000. Grüter Hans stands for qualitative work and a wide range of services. From consulting to planning, execution, and maintenance work, we offer everything from a single source. Even in emergencies, Grüter Hans does not let its customers down. Its 24-hour emergency service is always prepared for an emergency. Grüter Hans wants to protect the environment: save energy, dispose of old material correctly, and build environmentally friendly systems.


Among the 6 Switzerland-based GreenTech startups, we also have Märstetten, Thurgau-based Polygal, a family business founded in 1956 with tradition and vision. Polygal AG is now a world leader in researching and utilizing plant hydrocolloids for various industrial applications. Alongside its Swiss facility, it has plants in Pakistan, China, and Spain. In the interests of sustainable production and line with the company’s environmental responsibility, most raw materials are extracted where they are processed. High-quality standards, wide-ranging expertise, and global orientation make Polygal a reliable and customer-driven global player in the field of hydrocolloids. For over 60 years and in more than 70 countries, Polygal has been synonymous with a high-quality standard and expertise in application technology. Polygal stands for: Autonomy and independence, Reliable relationships, Promotion of education and training, Sustainable products, consulting quality, Environmental awareness, and climate protection.

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