6 Austria-based GreenTech Startups Approximate EU’s NECPs

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On this mission, we review how these 6 Austria-based GreenTech startups contribute to the development of (NECPs).

The EU’s 2030 binding climate and energy law compels its Member States to develop national energy and climate plans (NECPs) for 2021-2030. In that context, Austria accounts for 2.2 percent of total EU greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and has been reducing emissions at a slower rate than the EU average since 2005. The country’s carbon intensity is lower than the EU average and has been steadily declining. The country’s 2030 renewable energy target of 46-50 percent emphasizes achieving 100 percent renewable electricity generation. On this mission, we review how these 6 Austria-based GreenTech startups contribute to the development of (NECPs).

Neoom Group

Among the 6 Austria-based GreenTech startups is Freistadt, the Oberosterreich-based Neoom group was founded by Walter Kreisel. The Neoom group is a European Cleantech company. The Neoom Group offers innovative, clean, and integrated decentralized energy solutions. Together with its partners, Neoom works to create fully integrated electrical and digital systems that create sustainable value for all of us and exceed any customer request. The Neoom Group develops sustainable business models based on renewable energy and thus creates real added value for the customer over generations. Neoom’s central goal is to save more than one gigaton of CO2 equivalents. Founded in 2018, on Jul 23, 2021, the company received a Series A funding of €11M from Ze. Pharm Trust reg., Roman Scharf, Orchilla AG, KREISEL Ventures, HR Holding, Burning Issues Impact Fund, Blue Value, and ALTERDYNE ENERGY.


Vienna, Wien, Austria-based Hydrogrid was founded by Janice Goodenough. HYDROGRID offers an intelligent automated IoT solution for the optimal, real-time planning & dispatch of hydropower plants. HYDROGRID’s optimal 365-days-a-year production planning & dispatch SaaS solution enables power plant owners to increase their revenues by up to 16% by aligning their production to the power markets while reducing daily operational workload. HYDROGRID’s shareholder agreement dedicates a fixed portion of our earnings to projects that bring clean water and sustainable energy to the poorest 10% of the world’s population. Founded in 2016, on Feb 15, 2022, the company received Venture Round funding from SET Ventures and CNB Capital.

Heliovis AG

Wiener Neudorf, Niederosterreich, Austria-based Heliovis was founded by Felix Dr. Tiefenbacher, and Johannes Hoefler and is one of the 6 Austria-based GreenTech startups. Heliovis is an engineering and development company. Heliovis is led by energy and technology entrepreneurs with extensive expertise in developing technologies throughout the globe. The company developed, produces, and markets the HELIOtube® technology, a smart pneumatic solar collector to generate clean industrial heat and electricity. Heliovis invented the HELIOtube® technology to tackle challenges that all parabolic trough collectors have in common: complexity and high costs. Heliovis has won a grant in the biggest European Union Research and Innovation program Horizon 2020 Phase II, despite fierce competition among over 2,000 projects from all over the EU. Founded in 2009, on Jan 1, 2016, the company received a Venture Round funding of €25.5M.


Vienna, Wien, Austria-based Crystalsol was founded by Dieter Meissner,and Thomas Badegruber. Crystalsol is a technology company that develops an entirely new type of flexible photovoltaic film with a significant cost and versatility advantage compared to all currently known photovoltaic technologies. The technology combines the advantages of high-efficiency single-crystalline materials and low-cost roll-to-roll production. The technology is based on decades of research for the Russian military and Philips semiconductor know-how from the 1960s. Crystalsol’s technology significantly reduces production costs, making it more affordable than traditional energy sources. The company estimates that its technology can reduce costs by 30-50%, making it possible to produce electricity for less than 0.3 EUR per Watt peak. At this price point, the electricity generated from this technology is cheaper than that from traditional sources. Founded in 2008, on Dec 31, 2016, the company received Venture Round funding of €570K from Arax Capital Partners.

Aski Energy

Zell Am Moos, Oberosterreich, Austria-based Aski Energy, is the leading solution for all-in-one energy management. It enables customers to optimize their energy consumption and achieve maximum energy efficiency. With Aski Energy, experts and non-experts can retrieve meaningful real-time data at the push of a button and can automatically optimize their energy profiles. Aski has achieved a market-leading position in german-speaking countries and serves over 15,000 facilities, including customers such as Porsche, Magna, Deutsche Bahn, FC Bayern München, Siemens, and Red Bull. According to ISO-50001, Aski covers everything needed for the energy management of today and tomorrow, paving the way for a sustainable and responsible future. Aski’s vision is to use ASKI to convince every company to stand up for the future.


Schruns, Vorarlberg, Austria-based SANlight is an innovative technology company. SANlight develops and manufactures sophisticated and efficient LED lighting for commercial gardening, at-home, and hobby purposes. Many years of experience in horticulture and in-depth knowledge of photonics and semiconductor technology all contribute to the development of its products. SANlight stands for quality, reliability, and maximum efficiency. SANlight has a fully equipped lighting and electronics laboratory. Thus with its integrating sphere, they can calibrate the precise PPF values of its products and prototypes. All products are manufactured in its company to provide the best possible quality. Short assembly processes and the production-optimized design of our luminaires enable production to be carried out in Austria at no extra cost. All the necessary tools are also available for development and research in the fields of lighting and electrotechnology. SANlight thus ranks on our list of 6 Austria-based GreenTech startups.

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