Sunday, May 22

“Unite by Emotion” with Athletes at Tokyo Olympics 2021

Unite by Emotion

I’mbesideyou Inc. to launch a unique sports campaign, “Unite by Emotion,” to help the world visualize support and cheers for their favorite athletes. Earlier this year, the multimodal AI analytics and online communication firm founded by Shozo Kamiya raised ¥115,000,000 in seed funding from Beyond Next Ventures and Japan Finance.

According to news syndication, the global “Unite by Emotion” campaign for Tokyo Olympic 2021 launches on July 23, 2021. People around the world can communicate their best wishes and cheers to their favorite athletes online. The campaign appears to be strategically designed to offset sports lovers unable to watch the Olympics in person.

“Unite by Emotion” will allow people to visualize the cheers of people worldwide through Artificial Intelligence (AI). I’mbesideyou aims to create an opportunity for people worldwide to connect emotionally by providing a new experience as online spectators of the Tokyo Olympics and deliver cheers to the athletes via the web app.

“Unite by Emotion” leverages I’mbesideyou’s emotion recognition technology to visualize an individuals’ emotions as triggered by their favorite sportsperson on the racecourse. The emotion recognition AI can read videos and photos of themselves cheering on the athletes. These photos and videos are likely to appear on the site in random order. 

This Japanese IT startup, I’mbesideyou Inc., invites anyone interested to communicate with their athletes as a show of support for representing their country. Not only wishing your country’s elected athlete who will run at the Olympics, but you can also message your support note to your favorite country playing at Tokyo Olympics 2021. 

This spectacular initiative is to convey best wishes to the athletes who are competing without spectators. While one has to wait till July 23 to join the “Unite by Emotion” campaign, as of now, one can post their support on the teaser site and register your e-mail address to receive information before the service starts. 

According to the company, while they feel honored to host Tokyo Olympics 2021, they are also affected by the news of their athletes competing without spectators because of the Covid-19 crackdown on a few athletes at the venue. This concern led the startup to think of “Unite by Emotion” to deliver live crowd cheer via AI.

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