6 Poland-Based GreenTech Startups on a Feat for Climate Impact

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6 Poland-Based GreenTech Startups on a Feat for Climate Impact

According to the Multi-annual Development Co-operation Programme 2021-2030, Polish Official Development Assistance (ODA) considers climate change a threat to humankind over the last several decades. The Polish ODA, within this Multilateral Development Co-operation Programme now works with several partner countries in planning and implementing sustainable development. European Union now has the Green Deal as its new growth strategy cornerstone for all external actions. Altogether, Poland is committed to redoubling its efforts to align all policies, including development efforts and foreign aid, with the goal of climate neutrality. It is admirable to see how these 6 Poland-based GreenTech startups contribute to the Polish plan for a greener future.

Respect Energy

One of the Poland-based GreenTech Startups from Warsaw, Mazowieckie is Respect Energy a marketplace for selling energy from renewable sources. Respect Energy’s team comprises 200 experienced specialists and professionals committed to promoting ecologically sound energy sources. The buyback of energy from 609 Producers, sales to 14,000 Customers, and reducing the carbon footprint are some of the greatest achievements of Respect Energy. They only manage electricity from renewable energy sources, offering their clients 100% green energy. Respect Energy is honored with many awards, including Ambassador of Ecology – granted by the European Business Institute, Best Business Partner 2020 according to Home & Market – a special award in the “Green Energy” category, Diamond of the Polish Economy 2020 – granted by the European Business Institute, and Business Cheetah 2020 – granted by the European Business Institute. Founded in 2013, the Respect Energy community is not only made up of the company’s employees but also includes a group of 14,000 customers contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by as much as 633 420 tons in 2022 alone. 

Geo Renewables

Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland-based Geo Renewables was founded by Radek Nowak. Geo Renewables S.A. is focused on renewable energy. Geo Renewables’ team manages projects on developing, constructing, and operating wind parks in Poland. Geo Renewables’ team consists of experienced and qualified engineers, developers, technicians, analysts, corporate finance specialists, lawyers, and environmental specialists who have expertise in electrical power engineering, project development, construction, energy market regulation, project management, and wind farms. On August 1, 2020, the entire enterprise of GEO Renewables S.A. was transferred to V-Ridium Power Services and entered into the National Register of Entrepreneurs under the Registration number 0000846978. As a result, from August 1, 2020, V-Ridium Power Services continues the activities previously conducted by GEO Renewables S.A. Founded in 2013, on January 2, 2014, the company received $55.4M in debt funding backed by EnerCap Power Fund.

Saule Technologies

Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland-based Saule Technologies was founded by Artur Kupczunas, Olga Malinkiewicz, and Piotr Krych. Saule Technologies specializes in photovoltaics, perovskite, optoelectronics, solar energy, and renewable energy. Saule Technologies is a nanotechnology company. Saule Technologies develops innovative, lightweight, thin solar cells based on perovskite (ABX3) materials. Saule Technologies introduces the first real-life application of perovskite solar cells – a mobile phone charger that operates under artificial light. The Saule Team creates a semi-transparent, A4-sized perovskite module. The module is demonstrated by charging electronic devices at the IDTechEx Show! in the US, Saule Technologies’ products are tested internationally in Poland (Skanska’s Spark office building in Warsaw) and Japan (Henn na Hotel in Nagasaki). Founded in 2014, on May 16, 2022, the company announced the partnership of Saule Technologies and Columbus Energy with Google Cloud to develop new products using perovskite solar cells and solutions in distributed energy and IoT. (source: Press – Saule Technologies)


Kraków, Małopolskie, Poland-based SEEDiA was founded by Artur Racicki, and Piotr Hołubowicz. SEEDiA builds an intelligent infrastructure that realistically optimizes city services and reduces costs. SEEDiA collects data from sensors and cameras in its projects of solar-powered city furniture, such as bus stops, benches, trash cans, and hand sanitizers. Based on collected data, SEEDiA builds A.I. algorithms to provide knowledge to optimize urban services and reduce costs by up to 43%. A SEEDiA cloud-based platform manages public utilities, transportation, and information. Additionally, it supports the improvement of residents’ safety. SEEDiA’s solar-powered bus stops reduce installation and power supply costs to zero and using an e-paper display and management fully automates schedule management. SEEDiA bus stops are energy-independent city devices providing informative and multimedia functionalities for citizens, as well as protecting from external urban factors. SEEDiA charging station for electric scooters and bicycles is a fully modular and autonomous product designed to develop micro-electromobility in cities. SEEDiA charging station requires no external power supply because of efficient solar panels and dedicated electronics. Founded in 2016, on July 17, 2017, SEEDiA, one of the Poland-based GreenTech Startups has received $265K seed funding from bValue Venture Capital.

Dp Cleantech

Jedrzejow, Mazowieckie, Poland-based DP CleanTech deals in waste power plants’ design, engineering, production, and commissioning. Dp Cleantech (originally Dragon Power), founded in 2009, was the first company to license and use patented Danish biomass technology for generating electricity and heat in China. In 2010-11, D.P. expanded its manufacturing capacity with a 2500m² workshop in Poland. D.P.’s leading, proven waste management technologies ensure expertise throughout the waste management process, from fuel handling and pre-treatment to energy conversion, emissions, and landfill management. Working with engineers in Europe and using its experience in China has enabled the development of D.P.’s pioneering Low NOx emissions combustion solution. D.P.’s biomass solutions portfolio consists of proven, patented, and leading technologies for combustion, gasification, and biogas conversion of biomass to clean energy. D.P.’s water purification technology is suitable for multiple industries that need to decontaminate and recycle wastewater. D.P. Cleantech’s history has shaped biomass and waste into energy solutions.

Impact Clean Power Technology

Among the 6 Poland-based GreenTech startups, we also have Warsaw, Mazowieckie-based Impact Clean Power Technology a manufacturer of battery systems. Impact Clean Power Technology manufactures innovative battery systems for public transport, AGV robots, and stationary energy storage. ICPT uses the latest production technologies, such as laser welding to implement complex and complicated projects. ICPT is ready to support global efforts toward a zero-emission economy and the hydrogen revolution that is coming as a result. ICPT supports its Customers: Solaris Bus & Coach, Autosan, Siemens, Stadler, Skoda, Voith, JBT, Kiepe Electric, TEMSA, Dancer Bus, Phoenix Motorcars, Innogy, PGE EO. ICPT has supplied them with 20 thousand reliable systems. Vehicles with ICPT batteries have traveled more than 70 million km worldwide. ICPT energy storage solutions support groundbreaking RES projects implemented in our country. ICPT’s mission is Electromobility acceleration. 


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