ALYI Alternet Systems in the EV Ecosystem; Eyes Africa & India

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ALYI EV Ecosystem

According to recent news, Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS: ALYI) expects to see revenue from the sale of electric vehicles as soon as this year. ALYI’s goal is to sell enough electric motorcycles this year to bring in $2M. On September 23, 2021, the company announced that it expects to make an additional $2M in sales from a second contract for three-wheeled electric vehicles.

According to ALYI’s management, the company’s electric vehicles are only the tip of the iceberg for the entire electric vehicle ecosystem, supported by the Revolt Token cryptocurrency.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) is not just a Simple Exchange of the Combustion Engine Vehicle.

Electric vehicles necessitate a completely new approach to design and engineering, starting with the overall vehicle and working down to the smallest part, including everything from the motor to the battery. This is to say that exchanging a combustion engine vehicle for an EV is not enough; there is a lot to it. 

Owing to the developing EV market, the battery technology market is under rapid advancement too. Charging networks are under rehaul to help EV consumers charge their cars in less than five minutes compared to combustion engine cars that would tank up gas in no time. In this, electric power supply has a prominent role to play. 

Electric energy infrastructure powers lights and air conditioners to water heaters, computers, and mobile phones. But if this energy source has to deliver manifold to cater to the growing need of the EV market, there is a need for investment. There’s a huge scope of investment into its manufacturing, construction of infrastructure, sales & marketing, etc.

The Electric Vehicle as the Conversation Starter in the EV Ecosystem

When a consumer buys an electric vehicle, they are interacting with the parts of the car and the whole ecosystem that puts together this car to aid transportation. In the United States, the market is already saturated with existing combustion engine vehicles. To have the market switch to electric vehicles will be a major task, also influencing the manufacturers of the existing combustion engine vehicles.

The dependency of the combustion engine vehicle owners on combustion engine vehicle manufacturers is also a significant challenge that electric vehicle manufacturers have to deal with. On another note, consumers might reject any innovation in an electric vehicle that deviates from the user experience of a combustion engine car, regardless of the benefits of any particular innovation.

So, until electric vehicles’ adoption rate grows exponentially higher than the current market situation, electric vehicle manufacturers in the United States should be prudent with their investment in innovation in electric cars just yet. Investment in innovation in electric cars should happen incrementally. For now, the focus should be on manufacturing EVs that use minimum electric power with no drastic difference in operations compared to a combustion engine unit.

The Role of Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) in EV Ecosystem

Alternet Systems, Inc (ALYI) develops a comprehensive electric vehicle ecosystem. It is trying to bring together all processes behind the consumer experience of an electric vehicle as a point of contact for the overall transportation experience.

ALYI has determined a potential market in Africa where the market is far more conducive to launching the electric vehicle ecosystem. The combustion vehicle market of the determined area is not saturated, thereby keeping room for new EV technology open for ALYI to explore. This helps avoid asking consumers to switch to a new model of advanced transportation.

Innovation is no use without implementation and implementation is hard to come by in developing countries where people are resistant to welcome change in something they are pretty comfortable with. So, with this analysis, ALYI plans to develop its market in Africa and the rest of the world’s developing economic regions to provide technology a leapfrog opportunity. 

From an investment point of view, investors in developed countries would be reluctant to invest in innovation that will take time to replace the already existing solution. Here, a superior solution is easily passable when a profitable solution is ruling.

ALYI Introduces EV Component Expertise 

The management at ALYI has no intention to build an entire electric vehicle ecosystem but introduce EV Component Expertise on the house. This strategy offers ALYI a comparative brand gain in the global market. 

Therefore, the component expertise is the assemblage of partnerships, contracts, acquisitions, and investments made possible through two acquisitions. For 2021, they aim to close with two; one with ALYI’s electric motorcycle business and the other with ALYI’s branding strategy that binds ALYI with an existing, globally recognized electric vehicle racing brand, such as TESLA (NASDAQ: TSLA) in the past. Apart from acquisitions, ALYI continues to make strategic investments in innovative, technology-driven car rental companies focusing on developing economic regions with an existing base in India.

Revolt Token Cryptocurrency in the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem

ALYI in the EV Ecosystem is a publicly-traded company to fulfill capital investment in the electric vehicle ecosystem strategy. In that position, ALYI has partnered with Revolt Token cryptocurrency for access to larger capital and consequent investment in the electric vehicle ecosystem. In this partnership, ALYI has offered Revolt Token the space to sell Revolt Tokens in the electric vehicle ecosystem that helps ALYI scale its growth.

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