Is an Air to Water Generator the Answer to Global Water Crisis?

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It is no magic, but a true story of an 82-year-old Enrique Veiga committed to helping people in the arid lands, and refugee camps access to water. The engineer has developed a technology with which water is extracted from thin air. You heard it right, Enrique Veiga extracts water from thin air with his innovative technology.

Enrique Veiga, the founder of a Spanish company called Aquaer Generators, has worked for ages in water technology. He designed Aquaer that almost sounds like “Aquire: (v) To come into possession or ownership of” that is a water to air generator harnessing standard water condensation technology to deliver clean, safe water dry areas and refugee camps.

The method of extracting water from air is condensation. Aquaer technology uses electricity to cool air that condenses into water, almost like condensation works in air-conditioning units. This may ignite the hope in many about establishing a similar technology in places closer to their home where water is a crisis.

In this regard, it would be worth noting that unlike water generators that require high ambient humidity and low temperatures, Veiga’s condensation technology is suited to a temperature up to 40 Celsius (104F) with a humidity appetite between 10-15 percentage.

Founded in 2004, Aquaer Generators’ Aquaer is a patented water condensation technology available in variable capacity. While a small machine for easy transportation can produce 50-75 liters a day, the bigger ones can tap up to 5,000 liters of water a day without compromising the water quality.

Veiga informed Reuters that, “Our idea is not only to make a device that is effective, but also to make it useful for people who have to walk for miles to fetch water or make wells.” On discovering Veiga’s intelligent atmospheric water generators, Switzerland-based Vietnamese social entrepreneur, Nhat Vuong founded Water Inception.

Nhat Vuong’s nonprofit organization, or NPO Water Inception, joined Enrique Veiga on a mission to bring clean water to global refugee settlements. Nhat Vuong conducted successful crowdfunding to purchase solar panels as an extension to minimize dependency on electricity because refugee settlements don’t have electricity to power the water convertors.

Water Inception, via solar panels, generates up to 400 liters of water per day enough for 147 refugees, including 100 children living in a camp near Tripoli, lacking safe water. We see something brewed in a single brain cell of a Spanish Innovator is now nurturing thousands of families because the brain is dead without water.

As a commercial air to water generator, Aquaer Generators started as the only market that used atmospheric moisture to produce water independent of any water source, even in desert areas. Water quality is suitable for both domestic and industrial consumption, such as in large-scale irrigation, civil and military camps, etc.

Aquaer Generators is in full expansion with a focus on two lines of businesses (LOBs). One is in Spain providing quality water, electricity and refrigeration for resorts with golf, food industry (beer and ice). The other is its ongoing commitment to humanitarian aid, such as in the Namib desert.

Aquaer Generators has two product lines; one that is designed for desalination and purification achieved with their patented Aquaer for desalination of seawater and purification in the olive industry. The other is designed for water supply in the thermal power and cogeneration plants.

Much like Aquaer Generators in Spain, in India, Hyderabad, India-based Maithri Aquatech Pvt. Ltd., is an air to water generator startup. The company has low-cost ‘Meghdoot’ AWG (Atmospheric Water Generators) ranging from a small unit about the size of a fridge to one as big as a truck for potable water consumption and industrial usage.

Founder and Managing Director of Maithri Aquatech, M. Ramkrishna, atmospheric moisture is an evergreen solution to the water crisis felt across Hyderabad and various other places in India. “By extracting this water, we get pure drinking water, save groundwater, and leave no by-products for a scalable, portable and cost-efficient solution.

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