23-Year-Old Judit Giró Benet’s ‘The Blue Box’ for Breast Cancer Alert

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The James Dyson Award by the James Dyson Foundation recognizes young innovators each year and supports them financially. Young engineers and scientists worldwide draw encouragement and inspiration from this endeavor. Over the years, the Award has supported 250 inventions around the world.

Despite the challenges of 2020, the Award has seen maximum participation this year, and the quality of entries is top-notch. The ingenuity of young innovators is the key highlight of this Award, and two winners have won £30,000 each for their ideas that can change the world. One of these is a home testing kit for breast cancer screening, whereas the other is a way to generate renewable energy from UV light.

Judit Giró Benet ideates The Blue Box home-screening kit for breast cancer from Spain is just 23 years old. Judit has endeavored to develop a more accessible testing solution for breast cancer following her mother’s diagnosis. This is because most women refrain from the periodic mammogram owing to the cost and discomfort in attending the hospital. Nearly half of the women skip their screening, and thus nearly 33% of cases do not get detected at the right time. This dramatically affects the chances of survival.

The Blue Box is a device that will chemically analyze the urine samples and forward the results for further testing. The algorithm uses artificial intelligence to detect specific metabolites in the urine. This enables fast diagnosis for the user. The device is bundled with an app that will help the user connect to professionals if the test is positive.

Judit Giró Benet and her team will work further on this idea over the next few years. They will develop prototypes and a formula for data analytics at the University of California, Irvine.

While it is still a long way for the product to be launched in the retail market, it is an excellent effort in the right direction. Rigorous trials and necessary approvals are required to reach the masses but once accomplished, it will be a breakthrough in the medical industry.

In the words of Judit Benet as told to BBC: “The Blue Box has the potential to make cancer-screening a part of daily life. It can help change the way society fights breast cancer to ensure that more women can avoid an advanced diagnosis.”

We hope that this brilliant innovation takes the expected direction and changes how we detect and deal with breast cancer. Artificial intelligence has a lot to unfold in the medical technology space. It is now worth watching how The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions Inc, based in Sunny California takes the global healthcare startup sector by a storm for creating the new artificial intelligence-powered solution to detect breast cancer in a non-invasive, non-irradiating way for global accessibility and women wellbeing!

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