Wednesday, September 27

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UNSW Team Invents Smart Fabric for Biological Muscle

UNSW Team Invents Smart Fabric for Biological Muscle

Australian biomedical engineers at UNSW have developed a smart fabric for artificial muscle, hoping to revolutionize the future of soft robotics and wearable exoskeletons. This endeavor is a great move in the efforts to advance assistive technology. Researchers showed Reuters how the fabric could change shape by making models of a butterfly and a flower that could move in complicated ways. This smart fabric can mimic biological muscles in responding to complex environmental stimuli. Thanh Nho Do, director of the Medical Robotics Lab at the University of New South Wales and the team's leader, has grander ambitions and thinks he and his team could use the material to create a smart human suit like the Iron Man suit or Spider-Man suit, which would be highly adjustable to the bodies ...
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