Friday, May 20

Semrush Wins at Global Search Awards 2021: Will it Subsidize Cost?

Semrush Global Search Awards

Semrush Holdings Inc (NYSE:SEMR), or your favorite Semrush, has won at the Global Search Awards 2021, the Best Global SEO Software Suite. For digital marketers who have been advocates of the visibility management and marketing SaaS platform, they can now truly celebrate their eye for the impact made in PPC, SEO, and content marketing through SEMRush.

It is not the first time that Semrush has won an award. Previously, the company won many other honors, including wins across European Search Awards, US Search Awards, UK Search Awards and MENA Search Awards between 2017-2020. For Olga Andrienko, VP of Brand Marketing at Semrush, this win is to the users who leveraged the platform for good.

Andrienko further adds how Semrush has become indispensable for marketers who courageously navigated businesses during difficult times to a peak of prosperity. This new win and the growing user base encourages the firm to expand our product suite, helping brands pivot quickly and adapt to changing market dynamics in no time.

Today, Semrush is not only a search optimization engine (SEO), it is also helping integrate content marketing tools and listing for Amazon US Marketplace. Semrush believes that marketers should be capacitated to deliver beyond the search results of business websites and strategize a more comprehensive digital outcome for their clients.

While many businesses expressed concern during 2020-2021, Semrush winning at the Global Search Awards is productive since its inception. The business gained new heights in product development. It now focuses on building a full-stack marketing software helping marketers conduct campaigns and incorporate strategies all on one single, comprehensive platform.

Digital marketers associated with big businesses are certainly able to leverage Semrush on a full ride. However, for small business owners and independent digital marketers, Semrush is unaffordable. For Semrush to penetrate the South and East Asian markets that are now a part of the growing gig economy, the pricing policy needs reconsideration.

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