The Legitimacy of Influencer Marketing & What You should Know!

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a lucrative career given rich brand collaborations & exposure! Because influencers have developed trust with their audience, brands reach out to them. Influencers promote products and collaborate with brands to gain more exposure and earn five to six figures. Interestingly, there is still the uninitiated mindset asking if it is legit? So, if you are new to this concept and have questions, here’s your ultimate guide!

The World of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the act of milking influence to make sales. A well-known personality helps a brand promote its brand in exchange for cash. It’s well-known that it helps influencers and brands form stronger bonds with their audiences and generate more engagement and collaborations. It also facilitates the acquisition of useful information. A beverage company might seek a fitness influencer who can get their fans and followers to buy the product!

1. Which Social Media Platforms do Influencers Use?

Social media influencer marketing platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. As the number of people using social media grows, more businesses are turning to influencer marketing. Creating a marketing strategy includes a variety of tasks, including writing blogs, promoting your website, and leading workshops.

2. Is Influencer Marketing a Legit Profession?

Since everyone in India now takes social media seriously, “Influencer” has become a profession in India. An influencer acquisition strategy in India requires that the brand or agency identify which influencers are most relevant and associated with its product or service. Next, the company can email the influencers or search for them. They are on board if the influencer is willing to promote or collaborate.

3. How much do Influencers Charge for Collaborations?

This is subjective because it varies from one influencer to the other. Influencers vary in terms of their following and how they publish. If you want a well-known influencer to promote your brand, their fees will be greater than those with fewer followers. Influencers with 500K+ followers price roughly Rs 7 lakh for each post, while those with 5K-30K followers charge between Rs 8000 and 18,000.

4. What are the Parameters to Gauge Influencer Marketing?

The number of people who see a post is a common way to gauge its success. The campaign was successful if the number of followers, traffic, comments, clicks, shares, and likes increased due to using influencer marketing strategies. One way to tell whether strategic planning was successful or not is to examine how well the company followed through on its goals.

5. Are Micro-Influencers Better or Macro-Influencers?

Micro-influencers have 10,000-500,000 followers, whereas macro-influencers have 500,000-1M followers. Micro-influencers have a specialization, whereas macro-influencers do not and do not communicate with their audience.

6. What is the Work of an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Let’s say you’re a brand or an influencer looking to promote yourself through an influencer marketing agency. Your audience and insights are tracked, and strategies are developed for you as a brand or influencer by the agency in this case. You’ll learn about the best formats, times, and ways to post your content, as well as how to use giveaways to entice your followers to interact with you.

7. Is Influencer Marketing a Good Investment?

People used to believe a product or service was good if a celebrity suggested it. In today’s world, influencers sell products or services, and consumers study by reading reviews. People trust influencers and brands to choose the best for their audience. They develop an engaging campaign and solicit candid product feedback. Influencer marketing has made audience research simple. 80% of marketers say employing influencers is wise. As a result, influencer marketing will likely remain effective in the future.

Future of Influencer Marketing

Finally, everything, as we all know, is going digital, whether for online learning, entertainment, news, or watching television series. A growing number of people are learning how to do business online, helping the influencer industry grow. Brands are becoming more involved, collaborating, and conversing more on the internet. As a matter of fact, this marketing strategy will continue to trend as a legitimate and effective ROI method.

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