Parsbem Consultants Accelerates Legal Startup Legum Technica

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Parsbem Consultants Accelerates Legal Startup Legum Technica

Pune-based Parsbem Consultants accelerates UP-based legal tech startup Legum Technica on a mission to make legal conversational! The legal startup has announced that Parsbem Consultants has already accelerated 63+ startups from India.

India is a multi-lingual country with a majority still living unaware of their rights for legal protection in dire situations. Legal language is also difficult for people from non-legal communities. Here, Legum Technica plans to make the law accessible to the masses by leveraging conversational AI.

Legum Technica will soon roll out VAQIL.AI, the app curated for the general public, legal professionals, and corporates to promote legal empowerment and awareness while bridging the gap between legal literacy, access, and technology.

The VAQIL.AI app is designed to raise a query through text or speech in a regional language. The assistant then analyzes the query and the intent to provide probable answers to the AI subsystem. The AI subsystem delivers the answer backed by appropriate legal reasoning and legal rights and remedies. If needed, the AI also connects to an empanelled legal professional.

Parijat Sharma, CEO and Co-founder, said, “In India, the legal tech industry either has too many lawyers or too many techies, which has led to limited innovation. We need a healthy balance of both; lawyers to point out issues and techies to provide innovative solutions. We need to get out of the ‘software for corporates’ mindset and adopt a ‘product for general public’ mindset instead. The misinformation being spread around just for marketing products is appalling. Organizations market their ML products as AI products and get away with them easily. We don’t plan on doing that. We are here to innovate and not ride the way of overhyped tech terms.”

Gautami Seth, COO and Co-founder, said, “The legal tech industry in India is still in the infancy stage and heavily inspired by the west. They started working on contract lifecycle management, and we followed. We need to consider how the Indian legal system is different and the issues we face. Legum Technica wants to focus on the consumers of law, the general public. The aim is to reach complete legal empowerment for every individual in India, which would not be possible without leveraging tech. In such a case, it becomes important to address the fears and misconceptions of legal professionals. Legal tech is not here to take their jobs but to help accelerate their legal practice.”

Pune-based Parsbem Consultants—the accelerator—said, “We are extremely impressed by the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit and belief in their vision. Legal startup Legum Technica can solve serious issues that the public faces regarding access to justice. The concept is rare and can create a monopoly. We aspire to see VAQIL by Legum Technica as a household name as it touches upon the lives of many in the dark for any legal recourse.”

Empowering the people of India and apprising them of their rights and consequences aligns with India’s ambition of a 5-Trillion Economy. Everyone aware of the legal opportunities helps advert personal, professional, and social losses, and most importantly, the readiness for the next opportunity as a common person or a business investor. ♦

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