Good News: AI Creates More Jobs on Fiverr Marketplace

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Good News: AI Creates More Jobs on Fiverr Marketplace

According to the World Economic Forum, the impact of automation on the job market is twofold: it may displace 75 million jobs, but it also presents the chance to create 133 million new ones. So, AI is not just about automation, it also creates more jobs.  In this argument, we’ve also got PwC (Source) sharing vital insights-

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize the global economy’s productivity and GDP potential. For this to occur, strategic investments in various types of AI technology are required.
  2. Initial gains in GDP will be driven by increases in labor productivity as companies strive to “enhance” the productivity of their labor force with AI technology and automate certain tasks and functions.
  3. In addition, our analysis indicates that by 2030, 45 percent of total economic growth would result from product upgrades, which will stimulate consumer demand. This is due to the fact that AI will boost product diversity, personalization, attractiveness, and affordability over time.
  4. China (26% GDP growth increase by 2030) and North America (14.5 GDP growth increase) will see the highest economic benefits from AI, totaling $10.7 trillion and accounting for over 70% of the global economic impact.

So the question is how is AI creating jobs? Where are those jobs except for those who are developing and managing AI? A quick look at Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR), the freelancing platform will surprise you. From ChatGPT Application Developers, Stable Diffusion Artists, DALL-E Artists, Midjourney Artists, and AI Chatbot Developers, to AI Mobile Application Developers, Fiverr has created a whole new marketplace for AI services.

From this move by the Founder & CEO of Fiverr, Micha Kaufman and his team shows how to rise to the occasion of a given market scenario and in this case, the AI storm that has engulfed the whole world. Whether one has already gotten on the generative AI train or is still deciding just how far to go, Fiverr claims with confidence that its expert freelancers are here to help one navigate it all.

Programs like Midjourney need a lot of work to generate satisfying results. Someone with experience in generating over 10000+ images via the program would actually know the command inputs to create something marvelous. These AI programs for generative arts need imagination and that’s what created jobs for humans with an impressive imagination. For digital artists to actualize their imagination would need days of research, permission, and licensing. With the help of AI programs, it can refer to zillions of references online to recreate something original and close to human imagination.

So, as AI creates more jobs, you can just passively become a Fiverr Affiliate and promote it to those seeking to make money online through legitimate digital services ranging from social media content creation to website development and apps. You can also sign up as a seller on Fiverr and create low-volume gigs to maximize your chances of landing frequent opportunities.

You can leverage the same ChatGPT to create content that you can edit for factual accuracy and rephrasing that reads well to a human and not robotic. You can then become a blog writer or web content creator making a modest income and a good portfolio to land clients outside this marketplace. Follow this link to sign up as a website content creator and manager. If you are an Instagram influencer or if you are good at creating compelling Instagram content, you can sign up here. YouTube services are in high demand and if you are good with designing video thumbnails and channel monetization techniques, this is your link to sign up!

Unless one is not wasting time, AI is not a threat. Adaptability is the key as AI creates more jobs. AI is not a threat to high-calibre individuals continuously upgrading their skills and harnessing their curiosity to learn new things that can either supplement AI generate work or complement AI-generated work.

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