A Virtual Tech Conference 2020 Pulls Top Brass Tech Firms & Influencers

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At a pace, digital technology is claiming industries for a luminous stake in the future to realize and offer futuristic solutions for human advancement; there’s no better time to realize it now and mainly at the Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020

Scheduled for Nov 5, 2020, the Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020, #IDC2020 presents an incredible lineup of immersive tracks in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, & Enterprise Analytics across healthcare/life sciences, government, insurance/finance, academia, engineering/automotive, and technology.

The Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020, #IDC2020, previously an Indiana-based technology summit, has bypassed the challenges of Covid-19 to bring together leading entrepreneurs, technologists, scientists, researchers, genome coders & digital engineers and other high performing enterprise analytics professionals.

Students of advanced tech learning and professionals worldwide now have the opportunity to take part in this rich digital conference from the comfort of their home to pursue great exchange, intake, and assimilation of technological practices prested by global thought-leaders and forerunning organizations.

Some of the event’s spectacular sponsors include Eli Lilly and Company, Cummins Inc., Roche, Salesforce, Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, Phoenix Data Corporation, KSM Consulting, Clear Object, Accenture, Butler University, Tableau, Celonis, SkillDemand, Dynatrace, and RADcube.

For example, we learn about Cybersecurity without knowledge of the day-to-day engagement and delivery from a Chief Information Security Officer. To gain exposure, professionals invest substantially in the ed-tech sector to feed their inquiry into digital developments and practices with no substantial access to the green room of thought-leaders practicing advanced branches of Industry 4.0 technologies from the seed hour to implementation, monitoring, and continual improvement. 

The edition of this virtual tech conference 2020 by InnovationDigi, #IDC2020, is that opportunity for the curious seekers of technology ranging from aspiring to mid-career professionals to gain access to that green room. Its exclusive lineup of speakers are practitioners of the force that tell us of optimism and impact. 

Representing women-in-leadership at this virtual tech conference 2020, the notable speakers of the event will deliver on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Cyber Security, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, & Enterprise Analytics across healthcare/life sciences, government, insurance/finance, academia, engineering/automotive, and technology. The top brass includes:


Bill Russell, Chief Information Security Officer, Cummins Inc

Purnima Kuchikulla, Director of Customer Success, Privacera

AI/ML & Quantum Computing

Sara Robinson, Developer Advocate, Google

Mehmet M. Dalkilic, Associate Professor, Indiana University

Amrutha Wheeler, Data Scientist, KSM Consulting

Kevin Cusimano, Director of Business and Clinical Intelligence, Decision Support & Analytics, Indiana University Health – Information Services

David L. Leach, Executive Director of Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Cummins

Mo Shakouri, Silicon Valley Innovator and Investor, Joint Venture Silicon Valley, Dir Community Broadband, Joint Venture

Dan DeAlmeida, Director of Product Management, LabVoice

Dr. Noel Hopkins, Head of Customer Success at ClearObject, Clear Object

Kulsoom Abdullah, Data Scientist Consultant, RADCube

Digital Innovation/New Technologies

Deepika Vuppalanchi, Ph.D., Senior Medical Director, Precision Value Health

Chris Baddeley, Manager, Services Solutions, CAS Services

Chris Barbosky, Director, CAS Services

Timothy J. Dwyer, Vice President, Assistant Treasurer, Nationwide

Advanced Analytics

Jeremy Terbush, Data Analytics, Purdue University

Colin Stauffer, Director of Data and Development Services, KSM Consulting

Stuart Rabinowitz, CTO, Phoenix Data Corporation

Dr. Caleb A. Class, Assistant Professor, Butler University

Dr. Katy Börner, Data Analytics, Indiana University

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Eric Charran, Chief Architect, Microsoft

Shubham Jain, Director and Business Head, RADcube

Digital Transformation

Kaitlin Reimann, Americas Transformation Lead, Google

Kris Cherukuri, Director Enterprise Systems, Sysmex America Inc

Vanessa Williams, Cloud Architect, SaaS, Indiana Office of Technology

Jonathan Adams, President, SALIX Data

IBRI Panel

Scot MacTaggart, Veteran Consultant, EagleDream Technologies

Melanie Fitzpatrick, Digital-First Transformation, CPA Global

Crystal G. Morrison, Ph.D., Founder & CEO, EverRise

Lilly Panel

Jonathan Klinginsmith, Director – IDS, Eli Lilly, and Company

Adam West, Director, Research Data Sciences and Engineering, Eli Lilly and Company

James Tristan Rimell, Research Data Programmer, Eli Lilly, and Company

Vinny Romano, Advisor – Data Operations Research Information and Digital Solutions, Eli Lilly and Company

Yue Webster, Director of Translational Informatics, Eli Lilly and Company

Naveed Shaikh, Advisor – AI/ML Platforms, Eli Lilly and Company

Executive Leadership Panel

Sameer Kazi, CEO, Cheetah Digital

Brian Sommer, President, TechVentive

Gurpreet Singh, Partner, PwC US Health Services Sector Leader, PwC

Mike Meadows, Executive in Residence (Moderator), TechPoint

Kevin Jones, Chief Information Officer, Indiana Department of Child Services


Dr. Karthik Kannan, Howatt Chaired Professor and Director, Krenicki Center for Business Analytics and Machine Learning, Purdue University

Fireside Chat

Dr. Kelly M. Credille, Research Fellow, Diagnostic and Experimental Pathology, Eli Lilly and Company

Thomas Fuchs, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Paige

Professionals in data sciences and analytics must consider registering for this virtual tech conference 2020 here with no second thought. It is not about listening to a host of speakers running miles on their tracks but experiential knowledge sharing at a ground level, which inevitably guarantees rich human connection and interactive participation, taking one beyond the limitations of their daily work-from-home commitment to respective organizations.

To make this invitation to attend the Digital Innovation Virtual Conference 2020 an unputdownable offer, the cost to attend considers the tough times we are navigating. Hence, affordability is suited to organizations keen to sponsor independent or a group of their future leaders, and individuals who do can sponsor their learning goals without organizational dependency.

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