Author: Katja Presnal

Katja Presnal is a business growth strategist and author. Currently, the CMO of Tumplate, Katja, is a contributor at
How to Harness Human-Centric Automation in 2022 & Beyond!
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How to Harness Human-Centric Automation in 2022 & Beyond!

The most successful marketers focus on building a marketing strategy that maximizes their results in the long run but also gets results fast. In the era of fast-paced digital marketing, it can be challenging. On a tactical level, the short-term focus is often on the latest marketing craze or things like trying to find trending sounds on TikTok. But I advise against only thinking about short-term results but also building a solid marketing foundation for your startup. Don't worry; you can do both when you plan it smart. Human-centric automation is one of the most important marketing trends every startup should consider.  What is Human-Centric Automation? Human-centric automation means combining technology and automation with a human touch. This happens in a way that automation is used...
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