Wednesday, June 29

Tag: Marketing Budget During COVID-19

Should you Cancel your Marketing Budget During Covid-19?

Should you Cancel your Marketing Budget During Covid-19?

With the onset of the pandemic recession, marketing spend has seen a new low with Google and Facebook Ads. While layoff continues to rule, SMBs determine whether to cancel their marketing budget during Covid-19. The strategy may appear wise from a traditional perspective for many sectors, but it is also counterproductive to many businesses with long-term impact.  Healthcare Marketing Healthcare is a sector where you can't defer your marketing plans at any cost. Healthcare companies invested in Covid-19 drug research and discovery need to have a strong marketing team to manage public relations and various promotional campaigns to make new drugs and old easily accessible. It is not only Covid-19 that's a concern now; other diseases, as usual, need as much focus. A cut in the marketing budge...
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