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6 Italy-based GreenTech Startups on Greening the Future
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6 Italy-based GreenTech Startups on Greening the Future

Italy, the EU's smallest member state, was massively hit by the COVID-19, followed by an economic recession. Italy revived after the lockdown relaxed in May 2020, helping the manufacturing and construction regain momentum. "The government's initial USD 30m (1.6% of GDP) emergency package was largely directed at healthcare, welfare and emergency support for businesses" with only "13% of the assigned budget tagged for green recovery. The recently announced Italian Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) includes investments into measures relevant to the green transition." Source. Amidst challenging times, it is interesting to see how these 6 Italy-based GreenTech startups elicit global attention to cement hope for a greener and sustainable future. Is Clean Air Among the 6 Italy-based GreenT...
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