Wednesday, September 27

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Key Requirements to Become a Coder & Land the Moon

Key Requirements to Become a Coder & Land the Moon

Lately, there's a lot of buzz around coding as Indian edtech startups continue to force-feed coding skills to children as young as 6-year-old. You get the drift and the reference. But let's flesh it out for you a bit so that you have the right lenses to assess your potential in this field. No doubt that to get started in any discipline, you start with simple steps. And this article will, for sure, cover those steps for you as you continue to read. However, it is worth mentioning that no career is easy, and coding is an aggressively competitive domain, albeit promising for those who can ace it. Every year, India produces lakhs of engineers, and then a fat percentage of this youth is unemployed. It is not only colleges and universities with poor placement capacity that fail but also establis...
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