Wednesday, June 29

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Maximize Covid-19 Work from Home (WFH) Productivity

Maximize Covid-19 Work from Home (WFH) Productivity

And here's the second wave of work-from-home (WFH) spurred by the pandemic. Most organizations are now convinced that WFH is here to stay. While it seems convenient and easy to adopt, one can become distracted, hence default to productivity. For a productive and happy work-from-home experience, check out the six WFH productivity tips. 1. Follow a Defined Working Window Just like how you would organize your day and time in your office environment, organize your work from home routine in the same fashion. Clearly state your working hours, take a lunch, walk around, or recharge break in between. Stick to this routine daily, and you'll be surprised at how productive you can be even while working from home. Consider the series of distractions you might encounter during your work hours and find...
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