Wednesday, September 27

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Is BeeWise Smart Beehive Technology the New Pegasus?

Is BeeWise Smart Beehive Technology the New Pegasus?

On the one hand, Israel-based NSO Group develops the infamous Pegasus spyware to monitor the acts of humans; on the other hand, Beit HaEmek, HaZafon, Israel-based BeeWise got its robots spy on bee health; inspecting bees for diseases, monitoring for pesticides, and reporting in real-time hazards threatening the colony. BeeWise, an agri-tech company, uses Industry 4.0 technology that automates all beekeeping activities to increase honey yield, reduce colony loss, and eliminate chemical pesticides. BeeWise, a smart beehive technology, aims to keep bees alive despite all the stressors and challenges they face, allowing them to thrive, pollinate, and produce honey. The Langstroth box used to culture bees has major challenges not conducive to effective bee farming. Here, BeeWise's solar-powered...
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