Are we Counting on these Indian Women in Real Estate?

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Indian Women in Real Estate

The real estate industry in India has been largely a playfield for the male. It is hard to come across a woman broker, and the experience is telling if you are in Mumbai searching for rental properties. The various Facebook groups dealing in real estate are a notorious gathering of shady middlemen with no level of professionalism. Big real estate giants in India prefer recruiting male candidates for the fieldwork because the notion is women can’t get through the sweat and grind construction site or the intelligence of investment decisions. So, is the Indian real estate scene so bleak for women? Gather up, here we are with a brief profile of six Indian women in real estate, marking a big dent with their professional ingenuity. Ready?

Manju Yagnik

Manju Yagnik is the Vice-Chairperson of the Nahar Group, a leading real estate firm in Mumbai, India, that constructs integrated townships, lifestyle residences, and Industrial spaces at different sites. It is believed that she has completely transformed the Indian real estate market. Yagnik has induced a paradigm shift in the sector with her innovative business model and strategic efforts. As a result, the Nahar Amrit Shakti brand is now identified with outstanding quality and elegance. Yagnik also the Sr. Vice President of NAREDCO, Maharashtra. Having been at the forefront of the business sector for more than three decades, she is one of the leading personalities in the Indian real estate market. 

Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal 

President of Residential Business at the Embassy Group, Reeza Sebastian Karimpanal, is a member of the leadership team at the Embassy and is in charge of Residential Business. Reeza has been a significant contributor to the Group’s objectives, management, and decision-making for over 15 years. Her competence in brand management has enhanced Embassy’s Residential portfolio, with the help of significant end-to-end conception, marketing, business development, and project management. She now manages 17 million square feet of ongoing and future residential projects in Bangalore and Chennai.

Vyoma Pandit 

Vyoma Pandit has an MBA degree from IIM-Bangalore and has worked as the Head of Sales Planning at Lodha Group in Mumbai and is the Head of Marketing at Brigade Group in Bangalore. Until August 2020, Vyoma was the Chief Marketing Officer at Shriram Properties; currently, she runs her company, “Flow Realty India,” from Bangalore. Vyoma is highly sought after for her innovation, critical and analytical thinking, and fresh, energetic approach to sales and marketing in an otherwise traditional business. Her skills in the real estate sector range from corporate sales planning to sales incentive management, product pricing, and profitability management. 

Darshana Parmar Jain

Darshana Parmar Jain has been the Ishwar Parmar Group’s Deputy Managing Director for over 12 years. Her exposure to a worldwide environment–both at work and in her spare time–has played a significant part in ensuring that iParmar remains at the forefront of the ever-changing construction sector. Darshana emphasizes employing the greatest development and implementation techniques to connect directly with each client and contribute as a Nation Builder. Presently, Darshana is also the CEO of Snapper Future Tech, an enterprise Blockchain firm at the forefront of the technology. 

Gunjan Goel

Gunjan Goel is a specialist in brand marketing, notably for the real estate business, as the media and marketing communications director for Goel Ganga Developments. She is actively associated with groups such as CREDAI and Young Indians, in addition to her knowledge of Pune’s real estate market. At some point in the future, Goel aspires to launch her business in design. Until then, she intends to keep innovating real estate marketing strategies at Goel Ganga while also adopting standardized and organized working structures.

Uzma Irfan

Uzma Irfan joined the Prestige Group in January 2007, at a critical point in the company’s growth and diversification. To streamline all branding and communication-related efforts, Uzma took on the role of Director, Corporate Communications. The Prestige Group has grown in great strides over the years, and she may be credited with improving the company’s public image on her own during this period. Among many responsibilities, she was also the Editor of ‘The Collection@UB City,’ a newsletter for UB City–The Collection, a partnership between Prestige and the UB Group. Uzma is also the founder of Sublime’s Teaching for Artistic Innovation (TFAI). 

In the UK, US, and European markets, women in real estate are like women in any other sector. But Indian women in real estate are yet to be fully celebrated for the value they bring to constructing a progressive image of India. When we have women to make us a home, we must let women build us a house through financial negotiation, construction planning, architecture, and anything they consider their expertise. Therefore, real estate enterprises in India need to recruit more women, but even the government agencies should also prioritize tenders to Indian women in real estate.

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