UK-Based Web Video Editing App VEED.IO Clocks +$6M ARR in 4 Years

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Video Editing App VEED.IOVideo marketing has come a long way in the last five years. The market has evolved so rapidly that it has become an indispensable medium for digital influencers. According to ResearchAndMarkets, by 2026, the global market value of digital advertising will be $786.2B. Individuals and businesses that haven’t adopted video marketing yet will surely miss out. But, those leveraging video marketing will enjoy a piece of the larger pie. 

From our market assessment, we have gathered that despite knowing video marketing as a successful marketing medium, businesses and individuals cannot fully utilize the available video-editing tools to maximum satisfaction sans the affordability and complications. But, a slight deep dive into the market reveals a surprising reality; we learn that video marketing is not always costly. So, for individuals to access high-end editing tools for quality video production is not that difficult.

So, where should small enterprises begin in their quest for video marketing? Here, we have a UK-based startup,, working on increasing accessibility to video-based marketing through an affordable and intelligent web-based video-editing suite. VEED was bootstrapped in 2017, and today, as per the co-founder, Sabba Keynejad, he has been able to grow the business to +$6M ARR

It goes without explaining how Sabba Keynejad could grow a bootstrapped video editing firm in a highly competitive market to a million-dollar annual revenue thanks to their market attentiveness and for fulfilling the need of the hour by diversifying an already competitive market with features that render complete professionalism to a video output.  

In a market full of web-based and mobile video-editing tools with KineMaster, InShot, Adobe, Canva, and several others, including native editing features by social media apps such as Instagram, TikTok, Josh, and others, video editing app is a promising new enterprise challenging the status quo through quality video editing features and output that does not need one to be a professional video editor.

According to Tim & Sabba, “We founded VEED because we were frustrated using complex and time-consuming editing software. We wanted to create a tool that makes video editing fast, easy and accessible to newbies. Thanks to our users around the globe spreading the word about us, we’re growing fast.” The founders explain that although content creation is hard, the production doesn’t have to be. With a small yet talented team of top-of-the-line software developers to help users realize every cent they invest in VEED, the founders cite their free account for creators in the offing.

The requirements for individuals and enterprises are very different, which is where is trying to make a differentiated impact. The UK-based video editing startup claims to have enterprise clients, including Facebook, VISA,, P&G, Vaynermedia, and Hublot. The client list is not only an impressive one; it is intelligent to validate the features the web-based video editor provides to the people of Gary Vaynerchuck.

Video editing app simplifies and accelerates video workflows for enterprise clients by enabling users to add subtitles, translations and brand assets in a few clicks. The app brings in collaborative online editing, shared brand assets, subtitle automation and lets users export presets to accelerate their video production across marketing, sales, HR or finance. 

What is most interesting is language diversification. Any global company can automatically add subtitles using voice-to-text machine learning and translate those videos into over 100 different languages at the touch of a button. In a fast-paced marketing team, when file transfers are expected to be instantaneous and secure and shareable hosting through strict privacy control, VEED bets its intelligence. Operating in the EU or with the EU is never easy with GDPR and CCPA, and there this startup from a camper van seems to have its acts right.

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