Beyond Movies & Games, 5 Innovative Global 3D Technology Startups

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The technology sector and its radical ambitions are surely fulfilled by the new-age startups in unimaginable ways. Long realized in movies and games, 3D technology startups are now breaking open new dimensions helping the technology sector realize their products and services before a commercial release. It is magical to learn how 3D technology is equally useful for an artist as much as for a scientist or a doctor. To make this impression real, we have a sampling of five innovative 3D technology startups from around the globe!

Anything World

Anything World is a London, UK based 3D world creation firm. It creates its beautiful designs with AI, natural language understanding, computer vision, and an extensive 3D library. The Anything World team joined Ubisoft’s AI and the Techstars London program back in 2019. It has also raised nearly 552.5K Euros pre-seed fund led by Warner’s Music Boost Fund. Also, Anything World has launched the first public beta version of its very own deep tech platform.

This platform enables the creators to make a 3D world with their voices. This platform is also available with Unity. Users have access to 3D libraries from Google Poly, Sketchfab, and many more. It also enables users to text and voice-command as well. The company also claims that it’ll readily develop potential applications apart from games also. They are aiming to develop in different sectors such as education, marketing, social media, etc. The company has worked with Ubisoft, Warner Music, Techstars, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Bone3D is an EU 3D technology startup based in France that uses 3D printing to create custom surgical guides and surgical simulators. As a result, it enables doctors to practice before every operation. This startup offers surgical simulators and guides in a lot of the medical sub-fields. Currently, they have developed their medical devices for cosmetics and maxillofacial surgery too. Also, they have their medical devices for neurosurgeons, orthopaedists, dentists, and finally, podiatrists. 

Firstly, they provide guides to help the surgeon prepare his surgery. Secondly, they provide custom-made splints that, too, help the surgeon consolidate his surgery. Lastly, for complicated surgeries, they offer multi-material 3D printed surgical simulators. This enables the surgeon to perform a dummy operation before they give the main exam. 

They first get a proper medical prescription, and then they start medical imaging such as MRI, CT-Scan, etc. This helps them to create a 3D model. Then along with the computer-aided design and surgeons, they create a model to perform virtual medical surgery. And once the surgeons finally validate these surgeries, they go for 3D printing. After printing, the parts undergo heating and UV treatment. 

Bone3D has a deep involvement in medical fields, and they have three shareholders that are surgeons. They believe that every patient needs to be treated differently. As a result, 3D printing is the best source to understand surgery or practice it.

Pandorum Technologies

Pandorum Technologies is an Indian startup company founded by academic entrepreneurs. It is basically a biotech company that focuses majorly on tissue engineering and regenerative medicines. Pandorum builds 3D functional tissues with the help of different cells, gels, and cell modulators. The desired tissue-like microarchitecture is then designed with 3D printing, self-assembly, and other fabrication methods. They develop functional human tissues such as the cornea and liver that are useful for medical research.

Pandorum Technologies is also supported by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC). It is the first company in India that has successfully designed and 3D-printed human liver tissues for research. Big investors have invested in this company, including Kotak investment advisors, Karnataka Information Technology Venture capital, etc. 


Modsy is a US-based 3D technology startup that basically offers 3D home designs online. Based in San Francisco, it uses photo-realistic 3D rendering tools to allow customers to visualize their home design ideas. Firstly, customers need to take a style quiz. After that, they must upload the room’s pic. Then the company uses that pic to create a 3D model of the room to scale. 

The customers can also create their own designs and collaborate with an in-house designer. The company even allows the customer to buy the furniture directly from the final design. Serena and Lily and Minted are some of the brands of furniture that the company sells. BBG, Gotham Gal, Dolby Family Ventures, and 14 others have invested in this company. It has fundings of around 74M USD. 


The US-based Cityzenith is a digital twin platform for buildings and city-construction and is situated in Chicago. It helps building owners, property managers, engineers, and architects create attractive 3D models of buildings. It guides them through every phase of the building life cycle, starting from design to demolition. 

Cityzenith company recently developed SmartWorldPro Version 2 based on digital twin technology. It aggregates, analyzes, and visualizes all project and property information on a single 3D platform. It supports more than 24 major architectural designs for building and smart cities. SmartWorldPro has won the 2016 Realcomm Digie Award for Best Tech Innovation in Commercial Real Estate. 


3D technology startups are perpetuating across industries with equal effectiveness in the creative and the technology sector. An artist finds it as useful as a scientist or a doctor, and that’s the beauty of the discipline. A wise mind can easily fetch from this the idea to pursue 3D Technology parallel to their career aspirations and explore the creative intersection where they can come up with an innovation.  

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